Master Course Syllabi

ACCT 2103 Introduction to Auditing
ACCT 2113 Financial Accounting III
ACCT 2123 Introduction to Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting
ACCT 2213 Introduction to Managerial Accounting
ACCT 2313 Financial Accounting I
ACCT 2323 Financial Accounting II
ACCT 2353 Accounting Information Systems
ACCT 2413 Computer-Based Accounting
ACCT 2513 Payroll Accounting
ACCT 2613 Introduction to Federal Taxation
ACCT 2623 Advanced Federal Taxation
ACCT 2633 Enrolled Agent Policies and Procedures
AMTA 1216 Aircraft Structures
AMTA 1224 Aircraft Finishes
AMTA 1236 Aircraft Electrical
AMTA 1244 Aircraft Systems
AMTG 1016 General Maintenance Practices
AMTG 1026 General Maintenance Processes
AMTP 1116 Powerplant Accesories
AMTP 1126 Powerplant Systems
AMTP 1134 Reciprocating Engine Overhaul
AMTP 1144 Turbine Engine Overhaul
ANTH 1013 Introduction to Physical Anthropology and Prehistory
ANTH 2013 Introduction to Cultural and Social Anthropology
ARTS 1003 Non-Western Art
ARTS 1023 Introduction to Fine Arts
ARTS 1113 Introduction to Two-Dimensional Design
ARTS 1123 Intro. to Three-Dimensional Design
ARTS 1153 Introduction to Digital Photography
ARTS 1303 Beginning Painting
ARTS 1313 Intermediate Painting
ARTS 1403 Beginning Ceramics
ARTS 1423 Introduction to Pottery
ARTS 1503 Introduction to Sculpture
ARTS 2003 Digital Art
ARTS 2023 Relief Printmaking
ARTS 2103 Art History I
ARTS 2113 Art History II
ARTS 2123 Silkscreen Printmaking
ARTS 2203 Beginning Drawing
ARTS 2213 Intermediate Drawing
ARTS 2313 Introduction to Graphic Design
ARTS 2323 Intermediate Graphic Design
ARTS 2333 Typography
ASTR 1103 Introduction to Astronomy
AUTO 1103 Engine Design
AUTO 1151 Automotive Internship I
AUTO 1204 Automatic Transmission Systems
AUTO 1251 Automotive Internship II
AUTO 1304 Manual Drivetrain and Axles
AUTO 1351 Automotive Internship III
AUTO 1404 Steering and Suspension System
AUTO 1451 Automotive Internship IV
AUTO 1504 Brake Systems
AUTO 1614 Automotive Advanced Electrical
AUTO 1803 Engine Performance I
AUTO 1813 Engine Performance II
BIOL 1011 General Biology I Lab
BIOL 1013 General Biology I
BIOL 1021 General Biology II Lab
BIOL 1023 General Biology II
BIOL 1031 Biology I Lab for Science Majors
BIOL 1033 Biology I for Science Majors
BIOL 1041 Biology II Lab for Science Majors
BIOL 1043 Biology II for Science Majors
BIOL 1104 Survey of Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIOL 2001 Careers in Life Sciences
BIOL 2104 General Microbiology
BIOL 2124 Introductory Microbiology
BIOL 2214 Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL 2224 Anatomy and Physiology II
BIOL 2413 Introduction to Oceanography
BIOL 2514 Fundamentals of Genetics
BIOL 2703 Introduction to Nutrition and Wellness
BIOL 2833 Elements of Biochemistry
BUSN 1003 Introduction to Business
BUSN 1303 Customer Service for Business Professionals
BUSN 1503 Professional Selling
BUSN 2003 Principles of Marketing
BUSN 2103 Business Law
BUSN 2403 Business Communication
CDYC 1103 Working With Young Children
CDYC 1113 Development of Young Children
CDYC 1123 Preschool Curriculum
CDYC 1133 Infant and Toddler Curriculum
CDYC 1203 Health, Safety, and Nutrition
CDYC 1213 Observation and Participation Lab
CDYC 1223 Child Guidance and Behaviors
CDYC 1233 Infant and Toddler Lab
CDYC 1243 Preschool Lab
CDYC 1252 Children With Special Needs
CDYC 2103 Language and Literature Methods
CDYC 2113 Preschool Methods
CDYC 2123 Organization and Administration
CDYC 2132 Family Relationships and Issues
CDYC 2145 Practicum
CHEM 1003 Introduction to Chemistry
CHEM 1041 Chemistry Lab for PTEC Majors
CHEM 1043 Chemistry for PTEC Majors
CHEM 1121 Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 1123 Chemistry I for Science Majors
CHEM 1131 Chemistry II Lab
CHEM 1133 Chemistry II for Science Major
CHEM 2211 Organic Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 2213 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 2221 Organic Chemistry II Lab
CHEM 2223 Organic Chemistry II
CIST 1503 Spreadsheets I
CJUS 1013 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJUS 2013 Correctional Systems and Practices
CJUS 2103 Careers in Criminal Justice
CJUS 2213 Criminal Law
CJUS 2243 Crime Scene Investigation
CJUS 2253 Ethics in Criminal Justice
CJUS 2303 Criminal Justice Internship
CJUS 2313 Police Systems and Practices
CJUS 2413 Juvenile Delinquency
CJUS 2513 Criminology
CJUS 2613 Court Systems and Practices
CLRP 1105 Non-Structural Damage
CLRP 1204 Straighten, Pull, and Anchor
CLRP 1214 Section, Cut, and Weld
CLRP 1234 Auto Body Welding
CLRP 2108 Collision Repair Appraisal
CLRP 2204 Paint and Refinish
CLRP 2307 Mechanical Repair
CMGT 1033 Construction Safety
CMGT 1103 Blueprint Reading and Graphics
CMGT 1213 Construction Materials and Methods
CMGT 2003 Contracts and Construction Law
CMGT 2103 Construction Estimating
CMGT 2203 Construction Project Management
CMGT 2253 Mechanical and Electrical Systems
CMGT 2303 Statics and Strengths of Materials
CMGT 2353 Surveying and Site Layout
CMGT 2413 Planning and Scheduling
CMGT 2513 Commercial and Industrial Estimating
CNET 1733 Introduction to PC Operating Systems
CNET 2103 Introduction to Computer Networking
CNET 2403 Desktop/Server and Networking Support
CNET 2503 PC and Network Security
CNET 2603 Wireless Communications
CORE 1003 Introduction to Craft Skills
COSM 1002 Basics of Skin, Scalp, and Hair
COSM 1003 Fundamental Hair Treatments
COSM 1004 Safety and Sanitation
COSM 1104 Wet Hair Styling
COSM 1203 Hair Cutting
COSM 1302 Chemical Hair Relaxing
COSM 1405 Hair Coloring
COSM 1503 Artistry of Artificial Hair
COSM 2003 Manicuring and Pedicuring
COSM 2103 Facial Services and Make-Up
COSM 2104 Permanent Waving
COSM 2203 Thermal Services
COSM 2402 Electricity and Light Therapy
COSM 2504 Salon Management
CSCI 1013 Introduction to Computer Technology
CSCI 1823 Introduction to Database Design
CSCI 1923 Introduction to Computers: Programming Logic and Design
CSCI 1933 Software Design and Programming I
CSCI 1943 Software Design and Programming II
CSCI 1953 Society and Ethics in Computing
CSCI 1973 Emerging Technology
CSCI 1993 Advanced Database Storage and Management
CSCI 2003 Discrete Structures
CSCI 2103 Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms
CSCI 2113 Cloud Computing Foundations
CSCI 2153 Linux/Unix System Programming
CSCI 2203 Microcomputer Applications in Business
CSCI 2604 Mobile Application Development
CSCI 2653 Virtual Infrastructure: Installation and Configuration
CSCI 2724 Web Programming
CSCI 2783 Systems Analysis and Design
CSCI 2903 Object-Oriented Programming (Java)
CSSK 1023 College Success Skills
CULN 1113 Culinary Calculations
CULN 1133 Sanitation and Safety
CULN 1143 Basic Culinary Skills
CULN 1163 Hospitality Industry Overview
CULN 1173 Dining Room Service
CULN 1223 Culinary Nutrition
CULN 1249 Food Preparation and Service
CULN 2316 Baking and Pastry
CULN 2413 Regional Cuisine
CULN 2423 International Cuisine
CULN 2433 Restaurant Management
CULN 2443 À La Carte
DHTT 1014 Truck Engine Controls
DHTT 1103 Truck Engine Design
DHTT 1151 Truck Internship I
DHTT 1251 Truck Internship II
DHTT 1304 Truck Drivetrain
DHTT 1351 Truck Internship III
DHTT 1404 Truck Brake Systems
DHTT 1451 Truck Internship IV
DHTT 1504 Truck Suspension and Steering
DHTT 1614 Truck Advanced Electrical
DHTT 1803 Preventative Maintenance Inspection
DHTT 1903 Hydraulic Systems
ECON 2113 Economic Principles
ECON 2213 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 2223 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 2313 Economics of Money and Banking
ELEC 1116 Electrical Level 1
ELEC 1216 Electrical Level 2 Part 1
ELEC 1226 Electrical Level 2 Part 2
ELEC 2316 Electrical Level 3 Part 1
ELEC 2326 electrical Level 3 Part 2
ELEC 2416 Electrical Level 4 Part 1
ELEC 2426 Electrical Level 4 Part 2
EMSE 1005 Basic Emergency Medical Care
EMSE 2004 Introduction to Advanced Emergency Care
EMSE 2014 Concepts of Cardiac Monitoring
EMSE 2022 Airway and Ventilation
EMSE 2032 Patient Assessment
EMSE 2044 Medical Emergencies I
EMSE 2054 Medical Emergencies II
EMSE 2063 Trauma Emergencies
EMSE 2073 Special Patient Populations
EMSE 2081 EMS Operations
EMSE 2091 Clinical Practicum I
EMSE 2102 Clinical Practicum II
EMSE 2112 Clinical Practicum III
EMSE 2122 Field Practicum I
EMSE 2131 Field Practicum II
EMSE 2142 Field Internship III
EMSE 2151 Final Assessment and National Registry Preparation
ENGL 0093 Co-requisite English Comp I
ENGL 1013 English Composition I
ENGL 1023 English Composition II
ENGL 2013 Workforce Writing and Vocabulary Development
ENGL 2023 Introduction to Writing Poetry I
ENGL 2033 Introduction to Writing Poetry II
ENGL 2053 Introduction to Writing Short Stories
ENGL 2093 Introduction to Screenwriting
ENGL 2123 Major British Writers
ENGL 2133 Literature and Ethnicity
ENGL 2173 Major American Writers
ENGL 2223 Major World Writers
ENGL 2303 Introduction to Fiction
ENGL 2313 Introduction to Poetry and Drama
ENGL 2323 Introduction to Literature
ENGL 2403 African American Literature
ENGL 2423 Film as Literature
ENGL 2483 Shakespeare: The More Popular Plays
ENGL 2503 Folklore
ENGR 1032 Engineering Graphics
ENGR 1052 Introduction to Engineering
ENGR 2073 Surveying
ENGR 2453 Statics
ENGR 2953 Comprehensive Electrical Engineering
ENSC 1103 Environmental Science
ENSC 2084 Introduction to Marine Science: Life Processes
ETEC 1013 Introduction to Entertainment Technology
ETEC 2003 Acoustic Theory: Physics of Sound
ETEC 2013 Storyboard Development
ETEC 2023 Production Management
ETEC 2043 Introduction to Music Business
ETEC 2053 Introduction to Recording Technology
ETEC 2063 Introduction to MIDI and Electronic Music
ETEC 2073 Introduction to the Art of Foley
ETEC 2083 Music and the Entertainment Industry
ETEC 2103 Game Theory and Design
ETEC 2153 Game Production
ETEC 2203 Game Programming
ETEC 2213 Digital Film Production I
ETEC 2223 Digital Film Production II
ETEC 2233 Digital Post Production
ETEC 2253 3D Modeling and Animation
ETEC 2303 Audio Engineering
ETEC 2403 Audio for Digital Media
ETEC 2503 Digital Literacy
ETEC 2513 Web Development I
ETEC 2523 Web Development II
FILM 2003 Introduction to Cinema Studies
FILM 2013 Cinema History Through 1945
FILM 2023 Film History After 1945
FILM 2213 Film Production I
FILM 2223 Film Production II
FINA 1503 Introduction to Financial Management
FREN 1013 Elementary French I
FREN 1023 Elementary French II
FREN 2013 Intermediate French I
FREN 2023 Intermediate French II
GEOG 2013 Introduction to Geography
GEOG 2113 Cultural Geography
GEOL 1103 Physical Geology
HACR 1113 Electrical Fundamentals
HACR 1123 Electrical Components
HACR 1133 Electrical Motors
HACR 1143 Applied Electricity
HACR 1213 Introduction to HVAC
HACR 1229 Principles of Refrigeration
HACR 1234 Commercial Air Conditioning
HACR 1245 Commercial Refrigeration Systems
HACR 2118 Heating Systems
HACR 2124 Residential Heat Pumps
HIST 1113 World Civilization to 1500
HIST 1123 World Civilization 1500 to the Present
HIST 2003 History of Roman Republic and Empire
HIST 2013 American History Colonial to 1865
HIST 2023 American History 1865 to Present
HIST 2033 Louisiana History
HIST 2063 African-American History
HIST 2113 English History: from Roman Rule to the Glorious Revolution
HIST 2123 The Holocaust
HIST 2203 History of Medieval Europe
HIST 2213 Modern Europe 1500-1848
HIST 2223 Modern Europe 1848 - Present
HIST 2403 The World Since 1960
HLSC 1012 Introduction to Health Professions
HLSC 1103 Medical Terminology
HLSC 1204 Sterile Processing Basics
HNUR 1214 Practical Nursing Fundamentals
HNUR 1225 Anatomy and Physiology for Hea
HNUR 1312 Nutrition for Practical Nurses
HNUR 1324 Pharmacology
HNUR 1335 Practical Nursing Skills
HNUR 1413 Practical Nursing Perspectives
HNUR 1428 Medical Surgical I for Practical Nursing
HNUR 1431 Intravenous (IV) Therapy
HNUR 2115 Obstetric and Pediatric Nursing
HNUR 2128 Medical Surgical II for Practical Nursing
HNUR 2216 Mental Health and PN Leadership
HNUR 2228 Medical Surgical III for Practical Nursing
HORT 2053 General Horticulture
HORT 2064 Plant Propagation
HPHM 1200 Pharmacy Technician Fundamentals
HPHM 1300 Pharmacy Laws and Ethics
HPHM 1400 Fundamentals of Dosage Calculations
HPHM 1503 Pharmacology I
HPHM 1513 Pharmacology II
HPHM 2000 Professionalism for Pharmacy Technicians
HPHM 2013 Certification Review
HPHM 2014 Advanced Dosage Calculations
HPHM 2022 Pharmacy Clinical Externship
HUMN 2013 Africa and the Middle East
HUMN 2103 World Mythology
HUMN 2213 Western Humanities I
HUMN 2223 Western Humanities II
HUMN 2553 Asia and the Americas
HUMN 2753 The Heroic Journey: From Classical to Contemporary
INST 1113 Basic Instrumentation Principles
INST 1123 Material Handling and Electrical Measurement
INST 1133 Lubricants, Tubing, Piping, and Hoses
INST 1214 Temperature, Pressure, Level, and Flow
INST 1223 Test Equipment Applications
INST 1233 Raceways and Protective Measures
INST 1243 Tubing Systems
INST 2313 System Control
INST 2323 Electrical Circuitry for Instrumentation
INST 2333 Conductor Applications and Testing
INST 2343 Process Control Theory
INST 2413 Instrument Calibration
INST 2423 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Systems and Loop Calibration
INST 2433 Distributive Control Systems (DCSs), Analyzers, and Monitors
INTE 1013 Internet and Computer Literacy
INTE 1103 Install and Troubleshoot Part I
INTE 1113 Install and Troubleshoot Part II
INTE 1203 Operating System Fundamentals
INTE 1253 Project Management
INTE 1803 Unix and Linux System Administration
INTE 2013 Windows Server Part I
INTE 2023 Windows Server Part II
INTE 2033 Windows Server Part III
INTE 2113 Cisco Part I
INTE 2123 Cisco Part II
INTE 2133 Cisco Part III
INTE 2143 Cisco Part IV
INTE 2823 Server Technology
INTE 2903 Internship
LIBS 1011 Library Information Services
MANG 1503 Negotiations in Business
MANG 2103 Principles of Management
MANG 2213 Human Resource Management
MANG 2243 Supervisory Management
MANG 2263 Organizational Leadership
MANG 2273 Retail Management
MANG 2313 Small Business Management
MANG 2413 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
MAST 1014 Phlebotomy
MAST 1114 Electrocardiography (EKG)
MAST 1142 Pharmacology for Medical Assistants
MAST 1152 Human Body for Medical Assistants
MAST 1162 Professionalism in Healthcare
MAST 1171 Medical Terminology for Medical Assistants
MAST 1214 Administrative Procedures
MAST 1221 Clinical Procedures I
MAST 2132 Clinical Procedures II
MAST 2222 Medical Assistant Externship
MATH 0097 Foundations of College Mathematics
MATH 0098 Algebra Foundations I
MATH 0099 Algebra Foundations II
MATH 1003 The Nature of Mathematics
MATH 1013 Technical Mathematics
MATH 1103 Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics
MATH 1113 College Algebra (5-Hour Format)
MATH 1203 Survey of Algebra
MATH 1213 College Algebra
MATH 1223 Plane Trigonometry
MATH 1235 College Algebra and Trigonometry
MATH 1303 Elementary Statistics
MATH 1313 Finite Mathematics
MATH 1673 Elementary Number Structure
MATH 1683 Geometry for Elementary and Middle School Teachers
MATH 2084 Introduction to Statistical Analysis
MATH 2103 Calculus for Non-Science Majors
MATH 2115 Calculus I
MATH 2125 Calculus II
MATH 2134 Multidimensional Calculus
MATH 2303 Basic Statistics I
MATH 2313 Basic Statistics II
MATH 2904 Elementary Differential Equations and Linear Algebra
MILL 1113 Basic Millwright Principles
MILL 1123 Layout, Sealing, and Oxyfuel Cutting
MILL 1213 Trade Math I, Sketching, and Blueprints I
MILL 1223 Specialty Tools and Rigging
MILL 1233 Plates, Lubrication, and Bearings
MILL 1313 Trade Math II, Measuring, and Packing
MILL 1323 Seals, Bearings, and Couplings
MILL 1333 Shims, Jigs, Drives, Fans, and Blowers
MILL 2413 Conveyors and Conventional Alignment
MILL 2423 Pumps and Compressor Systems
MILL 2433 Hydraulic Systems and Gearboxes
MILL 2513 Reverse and Laser Alignment
MILL 2523 Blueprints II and Optical Alignment
MILL 2533 Motors, Preventive Maintenance Inspection (PMI), and Vibration Analysis
MUSC 1003 Music Theory I
MUSC 1013 Music Appreciation
MUSC 1023 History of Jazz
MUSC 1081 Class Piano I
MUSC 1091 Class Piano II
MUSC 1203 Ear Training and Sight Singing I
MUSC 1213 Ear Training and Sight Singing II
MUSC 1303 Introduction to World Music
MUSC 1403 Songwriting
MUSC 1441 Jazz Ensemble I
MUSC 1451 Jazz Ensemble II
MUSC 2003 Music Theory II
MUSC 2013 Music History I
MUSC 2023 Music History II
MUSC 2301 Studio Applied Lessons
MUSC 2441 Jazz Ensemble III
MUSC 2451 Jazz Ensemble IV
MVSB 1002 Fundamentals of Safety
MVSB 1003 Motor Vehicle Service Basics
MVSB 1604 Electrical Essentials
MVSB 1703 Heating and Air Conditioning
NURS 1106 Nursing Fundamentals
NURS 2106 Adult Nursing I
NURS 2124 Mental Health Nursing
NURS 2206 Adult Nursing II
NURS 2226 Maternal-Child Nursing
NURS 2307 Adult Nursing III
NURS 2401 Senior Capstone
PALG 1013 Introduction to Paralegal Studies
PALG 1203 Introduction to Legal Research
PALG 1213 Introduction to Legal Writing
PALG 2103 Law Office Management
PALG 2113 Computers in the Law Office
PALG 2153 Litigation I
PALG 2223 Real Estate Law and Procedures
PALG 2233 Insurance Law and Procedures
PALG 2243 Wills, Successions, and Trusts
PALG 2253 Employment Law
PALG 2263 Family Law
PALG 2273 Criminal Law
PALG 2283 Personal Injury Law and Procedures
PALG 2303 Ethics and Paralegals
PALG 2903 Paralegal Practicum
PHIL 1013 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 2013 Introduction to Ethics
PHIL 2073 Environmental Ethics
PHIL 2113 Introduction to Logic
PHIL 2253 Biomedical Ethics
PHIL 2283 Philosophy of Religion
PHSC 1021 Physical Science I Lab
PHSC 1023 Physical Science I
PHSC 1031 Physical Science II Lab
PHSC 1033 Physical Science II
PHYS 1013 Introduction to Concepts in Physics
PHYS 1103 Introduction to Physics
PHYS 2111 General Physics I Lab
PHYS 2113 General Physics I
PHYS 2121 General Physics II Lab
PHYS 2123 General Physics II
PHYS 2133 Engineering Physics I
PHYS 2143 Engineering Physics II
PHYS 2153 Engineering Physics III
PIPE 1116 Pipefitting Level 1
PIPE 1216 Pipefitting Level 2 Part 1
PIPE 1226 Pipefitting Level 2 Part 2
PIPE 2316 Pipefitting Level 3 Part 1
PIPE 2326 Pipefitting Level 3 Part 2
PIPE 2416 Pipefitting Level 4 Part 1
PIPE 2426 Pipefitting Level 4 Part 2
POLI 2013 American Government
POLI 2023 International Relations
POLI 2113 Constitutional Law

POLI 2213 Comparative Politics
POLI 2603 Introduction to Political Theory
PSYC 2013 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC 2073 Human Sexuality
PSYC 2083 Adolescent Psychology
PSYC 2113 Psychology of Development
PSYC 2313 Psychology of Child Development
PSYC 2413 Social Psychology
PSYC 2613 Educational Psychology
PTEC 1013 Introduction to Process Techno
PTEC 1312 Process Instrumentation
PTEC 1322 Process Instrumentation Lab
PTEC 1612 Process Technology I Equipment
PTEC 1622 Process Tech I Equipment Lab
PTEC 2033 Safety, Health, and Environmen
PTEC 2073 Quality
PTEC 2421 Process Tech II Unit Sys Lab
PTEC 2423 Process Technology II Unit Systems
PTEC 2432 Process Technology III Operations
PTEC 2442 Process Tech III Operations Lab
PTEC 2443 Process Troubleshooting
PTEC 2633 Fluid Mechanics
PTEC 2913 Process Technology Internship
RNRE 1013 Natural Resource Conservation
RNRE 1021 Issues in Natural Resource Management
RNRE 2033 Principles of Wildlife Management and Conservation
RNRE 2103 Ecology
SOCL 2013 Introduction to Sociology
SOCL 2113 Contemporary Social Problems
SOCL 2213 Marriage and the Family
SOCL 2413 Race Relations
SOCW 2003 Introduction to Social Work
SONO 1011 Foundations of Sonography
SONO 1102 Physics and Instrumentation I
SONO 1122 Abdominal Ultrasound I
SONO 1143 Ultrasound Learning Lab I
SONO 1161 Ultrasound Practicum I
SONO 1182 Ultrasound OB/GYN I
SONO 1203 Sonographic Sectional Anatomy
SONO 2101 Physics and Instrumentation II
SONO 2123 Abdominal Ultrasound II
SONO 2163 Ultrasound Practicum II
SONO 2183 Ultrasound OB/GYN II
SONO 2201 Physics and Instrumentation III
SONO 2302 Abdominal Ultrasound III
SONO 2403 Ultrasound Practicum III
SONO 2502 Ultrasound OB/GYN III
SONO 2601 Comprehensive Seminar
SPAN 1013 Elementary Spanish I
SPAN 1023 Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 2013 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 2023 Intermediate Spanish II
SPCH 1013 Fundamentals of Speech Communication
SPCH 2013 Techniques of Speech
SPCH 2213 Interpersonal Communication
SPCH 2313 Communication for Business Professionals
SPCH 2403 Performance of Literature
SURT 1021 Skills Lab I Surgical Technology
SURT 1023 Surgical Technology Fundamentals
SURT 1103 Surgical Procedures I
SURT 1113 Surgical Procedures II
SURT 1122 Skills Lab II Surgical Technol
SURT 2103 Surgical Procedures III
SURT 2207 Practicum I Surgical Procedures
SURT 2259 Practicum II Surgical Procedures
TEAC 2013 Teaching and Learning in Diverse Settings I
TEAC 2033 Teaching and Learning in Diverse Settings II
THTR 1013 Introduction to Theatre
THTR 1023 Stagecraft
THTR 2103 Acting I
THTR 2113 Acting II
THTR 2203 Stage Voice: Basic Techniques
VTEC 1011 Animal Health Careers
VTEC 1023 Veterinary Office Procedures and Hospital Management
VTEC 1031 Veterinary Medical Terminology
VTEC 1041 Animal Breeds and Behavior
VTEC 1051 Animal Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory
VTEC 1054 Animal Anatomy and Physiology
VTEC 1082 Pharmacology for Veterinary Technicians
VTEC 1212 Animal Nursing Skills I
VTEC 1232 Surgical Nursing for Veterinary Technicians
VTEC 1351 Clinical Pathology I Laboratory
VTEC 1353 Clinical Pathology I
VTEC 1412 Anesthesia for Veterinary Technicians
VTEC 1613 Imaging for Veterinary Technicians
VTEC 1711 Exotic Animal Medicine for Veterinary Technicians
VTEC 1872 Clinical Externship I
VTEC 2053 Small Animal Medicine
VTEC 2112 Laboratory Animal Medicine and Nursing
VTEC 2212 Animal Nursing Skills II
VTEC 2274 Clinical Externship II
VTEC 2352 Clinical Pathology II
VTEC 2414 Large Animal Medicine and Nursing
VTEC 2512 Trends in Veterinary Technology
VTEC 2574 Clinical Externship III
WELD 1113 Welding Fundamentals
WELD 1211 Cutting Processes
WELD 1318 SMAW I (Fillet Weld)
WELD 1419 SMAW II (V-Groove Open/BU/Gouge, & Plate 2G-4G
WELD 1519 SMAW III (Pipe Welds 2G-6G)
WELD 2116 GTAW (Pipe 26-6G)
WELD 2213 FCAW (Fillet & Groove Welds)
WELD 2313 GMAW (Fillet & Groove Welds)