The mission of the Center for Undergraduate Student Achievement is to strengthen Baton Rouge Community College's capacity to serve more low and middle-income students, to expand higher education opportunities by encouraging college preparation and student persistence, and to serve the academic needs of these students.


The Center for Undergraduate Student Achievement at BRCC has a vision to develop our students into autonomous learners who operate with self-agency, self-efficacy, and apply knowledge/skills gained to: graduate from BRCC, transfer to a four-year college and become good citizens in their words, actions and deeds using their natural gifts, talents and job readiness skills.

We provide

A place where life, leadership, academic achievement, workforce development, and entrepreneurial guidance are found in experiences, exposure, professional examples, and access to end game job opportunities.

Academic counseling that promotes successful college retention, graduation and transfer to a four-year college by building the right schedule for you with you.

Academic workshops built to maximize your success in each specific course and throughout your career at BRCC and beyond.

Workspaces where ideas come alive as they are explored, cultivated, defined and refined in practice. 

Customized tutoring in individual and group settings, each focused on developing the fundamentals of a subject and how to be a successful student in any field.

Mentoring by peer and successful professionals in the fields of your interest that will help you to unlock your best self and a path to your best future.