College Navigators assist students to achieve their educational and career goals. College Navigators guide students through degree completion by helping them select courses that meet program requirements, understand degree requirements, set academic goals, understand college policies/procedures, and connect student with campus resources. College Navigators are an excellent resource for finding information and other services at BRCC that can assist students achieve their educational goals. 

Advising is a shared responsibility between students, College Navigators, & faculty. Together you and your College Navigator will set goals and develop a graduation plan.

Advising Schedule

College Navigators are available Monday through Friday 8 AM to 5 PM on the Mid City campus in Bienvenue Building in Enrollment Services.  Walk-ins are welcome.

Resources to Prepare for Advising & Registration

Learn more about the BRCC programs
Placement test scores for placement in Math and English: Placement Guide
Placement Information
Special Instructions for registering into Registration for ENGL 0093 & ENGL 1013
Special Instructions for registering into Registration for SPSM 0103 & MATH 1003 or 1103 and SPSM  0123 & MATH 1213
Enroll in the Virtual Student Center in Canvas
Become familiar with Degree Works

For students transferring to BRCC

Check for course equivalencies 
Have an unofficial copy of your transcript ready for your advising session. Use the Override Request Form for permission to register into a course where the course prerequisites were met at a prior institution.

For visiting students, the quickest way to register for classes that have a pre-requisite course requirement (and you have met the requirement at another college) is to use the Override Request Form and complete the required information.  You must complete one form per course request.  You will get an email if approved to register for the course.  If you have questions about course equivalencies, check the Course Equivalency Guide

Note: If the course does not have pre-requisite coursework or require a certain placement score, you should be able to register as soon as your admission application is processed.  


Baton Rouge Community College does not discriminate in its educational and employment policies and procedures with regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, or veteran status.