Name/EmailTitlePhone Department/Office
Adcock, Rebecca
Program Director 225-216-8099Nursing and Allied Health
Veterinary Technology
Alexander, Jaleesa
Instructor, Program for Successful Employment 225-216-8281Economic Development and Workforce Solutions
Program for Successful Employment
Alexander, James
Police Officer, Campus Police 225-359-9262Campus Police
Campus Police Admin Office
Aluko, Gabriel
Assistant Professor, Biology 225-216-8116Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Biology
Andrus, Dionne
Director of Business Process Improvement 225-216-8221Information Technology
Business Process Improvement
Antwine , Georgette
Grants Administrator 225-216-8258 Grants
Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Initiatives
Aroskar, Nisha
Professor 225-216-8182Business and Law
Baker, Benjamin
Manager, MVI Challenge Station 225-216-8586Technical Education
Automotive Technology Center
Barlow, Sarah
Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs 225-216-8687Liberal Arts
Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Barrow, LaTreka
Customer Service Specialist 225-216-8175Public Safety
Public Safety
Barton, Angela
Facilities Technical Assistant 225-216-8380Finance & Administration
Facility Services
Baskin, Eric
Professor 225-216-8131Liberal Arts
Batiste, Imarlena
Associate Professor 225-216-8112Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Mathematics
Batiste, Shantrelle
Instructor 225-216-8730Nursing & Allied Health
Beauford, Michael
Instructor 225-216-8046Nursing & Allied Health
Allied Health - Radiologic Technology
Bonfanti, Donna
Assistant Professor 225-359-9233Nursing & Allied Health
Practical Nursing
Boone, Ana
Professor 225-216-8568Liberal Arts
Lib Arts-Foreign Languages-French
Boone, Dennis
Instructor 225-359-9239
Precision Trades-Welding
Borskey, Debra
Professor 225-216-8104
Computer Information Technology
Bradley, Milton
Specialist 225-216-8281Economic Development and Workforce Solutions
Program for Successful Employment
Brinkley, Buffy
Assistant Director of Admissions 225-216-8663
Admissions and Records
Brown, Janice
Program Manager, NBRITI 225-216-8139Workforce Solutions
Workforce Solutions
Brown, Tammy
Associate Director of Development 225-359-9439VC for Institutional Advancement
Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement
Brown, Trudy
College Navigator 225-216-8447Student Affairs
Advising & Retention
Brown, April
Office Manager 225-216-8723BRCC Foundation
BRCC Foundation
Brumfield, Christopher
Assistant Professor, Art 225-216-8496Liberal Arts
Fine Arts
Bryant, Troy
Associate Professor 225-216-8137Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Mathematics
Burks, Alexandria
Specialist 225-421-3901
Innovative Learning
Burns, Danielle
Assistant Professor 225-216-8259Liberal Arts
Fine Arts
Burrell, Erica
Associate Professor 225-216-8025Business and Law
Butler, Ralph
Instructor 225-216-8107Process Technology
Precision Trades
Callahan, Joy
Police Officer 3-A 225-216-8001
Campus Police Admin Office
Causey, Carrie
Associate Professor, English 225-216-8097Liberal Arts
Cavazos, Alexandra
Assistant Professor 225-216-8148
Clark, Carthenia
Administrative Supervisor 1 225-359-9206Campus Police
Public Safety
Cole, Derek
Associate Professor 225-216-8180Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Biology
Daniel, Janet
Director, Center for Economic Education 225-216-8145Business and Law
David, Taylor
Registrar 225-216-8622Student Services
Registrar Office
Davis, Geoffery
Custodian 2 225-216-8202Facility Services
Plant Operation and Maintenance Custodial Services
Davis, Joy
Professor 225-216-8082Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Biology
Davis, Miracle
Assistant Vice Chancellor, Student Development 225-216-8311Student Development
Student Development
Davis, Stacie
Administrative Assistant 2 225-216-8640Student Affairs
Financial Aid and Scholarships
Dedden, Justin
Workforce Development Officer 225-216-8440Economic Development and Workforce Solutions
Professional Skilled Crafts
Dennis, Michelle
Dean, Nursing and Allied Health 225-216-8594
Diaz, Brian
Associate Professor 225-216-8138Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Mathematics
Diggs, Alisha
Counselor 225-216-8661
Disability Services
Dixon, Victoria
IT Equipment Operator I 225-216-8448
Student Services
Domangue, Thomas
Associate Professor 225-216-8564Business and Law
Dora, Raven
Dean, STEM 225-216-8105
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Dorsey, Rosalind
Administrative Coordinator 3, Practical Nursing 225-359-9233Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Initiatives
Allied Health-Practical Nursing
Dorsey, Valencia
Director 225-216-8462Facility Services
General Operations and Maintenance
Doucet, Summer
Associate Professor, English 225-216-8218Liberal Arts
Douglas, Michael
Instructor, Culinary Arts 225-319-2349
Personal and Misc-Culinary Arts
Draxl, Heather
Instructor, English 225-216-8684Liberal Arts
Dukes, David
Coordinator, Challenge Station 225-216-8425
Corporate & Community Trng(Continuing Ed)
Elliott, Eric
Assistant Professor, English 225-216-8011Liberal Arts
Ernest, Steven
Associate Professor 225-216-8092Business and Law
Accounting and Finance
Eugene, Cornell
Maintenance Foreman 225-216-8203
General Operations & Maintenance
Fast, Jonathan
Police Officer 2-A 225-359-9262Campus Police
Public Safety
Fast, Jonathan
Police Officer 2-A 225-216-9262Public Safety
Public Safety
Ferguson, Adam
Associate Professor 225-216-8563Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Mathematics
Ferguson-Jacobs, Laketha
Associate Professor 225-216-8731
Math and Sciences-Mathematics
Flanders, Vickie
Professor 225-216-8562Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Mathematics
Flowers, Jennifer
Manager 225-216-8601
Human Resources
Forrest, William
Professor 225-216-8098Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Mathematics
Forrester, Alan
Assistant Professor, History 225-216-8142
Fox, Clifton
Director of Testing and Assessment 225-216-8502
Testing and Assessment
Frank, Armondo
Assistant Director, Marketing and Public Relations 225-216-8719
Marketing and Public Relations
Frie, Gery
Assistant Professor 225-216-8260Business and Law
Construction Trades Adm.
Frie, Vinetta
Associate Professor 225-216-8504Student Affairs
CSSK Faculty
Frost, Dan
Associate Professor, History 225-216-8127
Garton, James
Assistant Professor 225-216-8211Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Biology
Gassen, Lucas
Assistant Professor 225-216-8589Liberal Arts
Geary, Cherlynn
Instructor 225-216-8168
Allied Health-Surgical Technology
George, Iesha
Cashier 225-216-8121Accounting & Finance
Accounting & Finance
Germany, Ethel
Coordinator 225-216-8910Process Technology
Process Technology
Giachetti, Cynthia
Program Manager 225-216-8185Liberal Arts
Fine Arts
Godfrey, Maria
Assistant Professor 225-216-8524Nursing & Allied Health
Goldsmith, Richard
Instructor 225-216-8498Nursing & Allied Health
Allied Health - Radiologic Technology
Grant, Je`Von
Property Control Manager 225-216-8103Accounting and Finance
Property Control/Management
Gray, Tuesday
Assistant to the Chancellor 225-216-8403Office of the Chancellor
Chancellor Office
Green, Joshua
ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 225-216-8433Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Mathematics
Gremillion, Danielle
Financial Aid Counselor 225-634-2636Student Affairs
Financial Aid & Scholarships
Gross, Dina
Administrative Assistant 4 225-216-8254Student Services
Recruiting and Enrollment Services
Guarino, Van
DEPARTMENT HEAD 225-216-8338
Mechanical-Automotive Tech
Gurt, Jamie
Associate Professor / Program Manager, Paralegal Studies 225-216-8469Business and Law
Paralegal Studies
Guzman, Sandra
PROFESSOR 225-216-8213Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Biology
Hackney, Marcella
PROFESSOR 225-216-8117Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Biology
Hall, Claudia
Associate Professor, Sociology 225-216-8231Business and Law
Hampton, Constance
Administrative Coordinator, 4 225-216-8044Nursing & Allied Health
Hardy, Stacia Mrs.
Associate Dean of Students 225-216-8247Associate Dean of Students
Office of the Dean of Students
Harrington, Kristie
ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 225-216-8054Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Mathematics
Hasek, Barbara
Interim Director of Enrollment Management and the Student Experience 225-216-8027Student Affairs
Advising & Retention
Hawkins, Elmira
Financial Aid Counselor 225-216-8569Student Affairs
Financial Aid & Scholarships
Haynes, Jason
Financial Aid Counselor 225-216-8048Student Affairs
Financial Aid & Scholarships
Hickman, Sandra
Administrative Coordinator, 4 225-216-8226Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Holliday, Valerie
Associate Professor 225-216-8146
Howard, Latasha
CONSULTANT 225-216-8284
Human Resources
Hudson, Donna
Information Services Staff 225-216-8448Information Technology
Student Services
Jackson, Cassandra
Executive Assistant to VC for Finance & Administration 225-216-8604Vice Chancellor
Vice Chancellor for Finance
Jackson, Darnella
INSTRUCTOR 225-359-9436
Allied Health-Practical Nursing
Jackson, Dena
Campus Police Admin Office
Jackson, Paula
Custodian Supervisor 2 225-216-8202Facility Services
Custodial Services
Jackson, Vickie
COMPTROLLER 225-216-8071
Accounting and Finance
JeanPierre, Pamela
CUSTODIAN 2 225-216-8202
Custodial Services
Johnson, Christopher
POLICE SERGEANT-A 225-216-8706
Campus Police Admin Office
Johnson, Donavan
Dean of Students 225-216-8778
Student Affairs
Johnson, Shondra
Coordinator 225-216-8339Technical Education
Center of Excellence in Transportation Technology
Jones, Darren
Assistant Professor 225-216-8080Liberal Arts
Jones, Dynechia
ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 225-216-8517Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Mathematics
Jones, Jacqueline
Library Director/Associate Professor 225-216-8170Library
Library Services
Jones, Pamela
VICE-CHANCELLOR 225-216-8160
Institutional Effectiveness
Joseph, Chandra
Interim Dean, Division of Business and Law 225-216-8556Business and Law
Business and Law
Joseph, Michelle
Student Accounts Receivable Manager 225-216-8624Accounting & Finance
Accounting & Finance
Kameny, Marla
Associate Professor 225-216-8132Business and Law
Business Administration
Keeton, Steven
Associate Professor, English 225-216-8070Liberal Arts
Kolniak, Patrick
INSTRUCTOR 225-216-8159
Math and Sciences-Chemistry
Kongchum, Laddawan
Librarian/Associate Professor 225-216-8017Library
Library Services
LaFleur, Shawn
ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR 225-216-8771Athletics
Laplante, Tim
ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 225-216-8009Business and Law
Business Administration
Laynes, Laura Ph.D
Assistant Professor 225-216-8189Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Biology
Leblanc, Corlin
Vice Chancellor 225-216-8605
Business & Administration
Leblanc, Phyllis
Associate Professor 225-216-8084Nursing & Allied Health
Lee, Paula
Head Coach, Women Basketball 225-216-8732Athletics
Lentz, Stephen
Assistant Professor 225-216-8292Business and Law
Paralegal Studies
Leonard, Jennifer MBA
Consultant – Benefits & Wellness 225-216-8736Human Resources
Human Resources
Linder, Barbara
SPECIALIST 225-216-8228
Teaching and Learning
Lowenkron, Benjamin
COORDINATOR 225-216-8184
Student Services
Mac Hauer, Malcolm
Assistant Professor, chemistry 225-216-8324
Math and Sciences-Biology
Mack, Rosemary
Associate Professor, English 225-216-8150Liberal Arts
Manolov, Sylvia
MANAGER 225-216-8049Information Technology
Student Services
McAdams, Lauren
Librarian/Associate Professor 225-216-8552Library
Library Services
McCarroll, Brandon
MANAGER 225-216-8716Information Technology
Information Technology
McClanahan, Patricia
Site Administrator, Frazier 225-216-8646Student Support Services
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
McCoy, LaCrystal
COUNSELOR 225-216-8644
Disability Services
McMichael, Margaret
PROGRAM MANAGER 225-216-8216Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Medlin, Tony
Associate Professor 225-216-8129Liberal Arts
Miller, Mary
ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR 225-216-8528Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Biology
Milligan, Christopher
Police Sergeant 225-216-8088Campus Police
Public Safety
Mills, Donta
ASST DIRECTOR 225-216-8357
Student Services
Minor, Terry
POLICE OFFICER 3-A 225-216-8444
Campus Police Admin Office
Miranda, Divina
Assistant Professor, Chemistry 225-216-8223Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Chemistry
Morgan, Pamela
FIN AID OFFICER 225-359-9231Student Affairs
Financial Aid & Scholarships
Mundy, Reed
INSTRUCTOR 225-216-8537
Mechanical-Automotive Tech
Namikas, Lise
Associate Professor 225-216-8128
Naquin, Teresa
DIRECTOR 225-910-3929
Safety/Risk Management
Nero, Clarence
Associate Professor 225-216-8056Liberal Arts
Nguyen, Duc
Engineer 225-216-8634Information Technology
Information Technology
Njoku, Jemmia
Program Manager, Nursing 225-216-8545Nursing
Nolan, Russell
ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR 225-216-8527Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Biology
Oliver, Candace
Accounts Payable Accountant 225-216-8086Office of Accounting and Finance
Accounting and Finance
Parker, Lisa
MANAGER 225-216-8282
Human Resources
Patin, Joseph
Custodian 2 225-216-8411Facility Services
Plant Operations & Maintenance
Patterson, Antoinette
Program Director - Nursing and Allied Health 225-216-8557Nursing and Allied Health
Payton, Kizzy
Executive Director 225-216-8404
Marketing and Public Relations
Poche, Rhett
Chairperson, Fine Arts and Communication 225-216-8234Liberal Arts
Fine Arts
Potter, Keith
INSTRUCTOR 225-216-8676
Construction Trades Adm.
Potter, Laurie
Math and Sciences-Mathematics
Prince, Dava
SPECIALIST 225-421-3903
Innovative Learning
Profit, Loretta
Administrative Coordinator 225-634-6661Technical Education
Technical Education
Purdy, Jayson
PROGRAM MANAGER 225-216-8367
Technical Division
Randall, Joe
MOBILE EQUIP OPERATOR 1 225-216-8411Facility Services
General Operations & Maintenance
Reaux, Tallya
Director, Student Financial Services 225-216-8311Student Development
Financial Aid and Scholarships
Reddick, Carla
MANAGER 225-359-9369Student Affairs
Financial Aid & Scholarships
Reich, Ashley
Assistant Professor 225-216-8565Business and Law
Rhynes, Jalesia
College Navigator 225-216-8463Student Affairs
Advising & Retention
Roberts, Kiara
Consultant – Payroll & Leave Administration 225-216-8595Human Resources
Human Resources
Rogers, Clarence
CLERK 225-216-8625
Accounting and Finance
Sampson, Paul
Associate Professor, Sociology 225-216-8579Business and Law
Samuels, Michelle
Enrollment Services Specialist 225-359-9207Registrar Office
Registrar Office
Sanders, LaFanya
INSTRUCTOR 225-216-8315
Math and Sciences-Mathematics
Sandon, Richard
INSTRUCTOR 225-216-8262
Math and Sciences-Mathematics
Saurage, Eboni
ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 225-216-8120Nursing & Allied Health
Allied Health-Surgical Technology
Scalzo, Robyn
ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR 225-216-8024Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Mathematics
Schexnayder, Kathleen
Associate Professor, English 225-216-8093Liberal Arts
Shaffer, Linda
MANAGER 225-216-8208Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Shahjahan, Abul
PROFESSOR 225-216-8196
Math and Sciences-Biology
Sillinger, Daniel
Aviation Instructor 225-216-8021Transportation Technology
Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) Program
Simon, Daniel
Associate Professor 225-216-8495Business and Law
Simon, Darica
Director, Trio Programs 225-216-8272Student Services
TRiO/ Primary Partnerships
Simon, David
ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 225-216-8078Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Mathematics
Smith, Carolyn
PROFESSOR 225-216-8026Liberal Arts
Lib Arts-Reading
Smith, Joseph
Senior Web Developer 225-216-8018Public Relations and Marketing
Marketing and Public Relations
Smith, Kanetra
PROFESSOR 225-216-8215Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Mathematics
Smith, Madelyn
INSTRUCTOR 225-216-8675
Allied H-Veterinary Technician
Smith, Stefan
INSTRUCTOR 225-319-4350
Precision Trades-Welding
Solomon, Ronald
INFORMATION OFFICER 225-216-8267Information Technology
Information Technology
Stallone, Jaimie
Associate Professor, English 225-216-8682Liberal Arts
Stephenson, Hilary
Assistant Director of Purchasing 225-216-8439Finance & Administration
Stepter, Jean
Consultant – Talent Acquisition & Engagement 225-216-8280Human Resources
Human Resources
Stokes, Sandra
PROFESSOR 225-216-8076Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Mathematics
Stonaker, James
PTEC Program and Labs Manager 225-216-8133Process Technology
Precision Trades
Stove, Benjamin
PTEC Administrator 225-216-8451
Process Technology
Suberbielle, Gail , Ed.D.
Associate Professor of English 225-216-8074Liberal Arts
Sung, Myungkee
ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 225-216-8207Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Physics
Sylvan, Cardice
INSTRUCTOR 225-421-3801
Allied Health-Pharmacy Technician
Sylvester, David
Program Manager / Assistant Professor, Computer Information Systems 225-216-8152Technical Education
Computer Information Technology
Tanios, LaTonya
INSTRUCTOR 225-216-8430
Personal and Misc-Cosmetology
Taylor, Corey
POLICE SERGEANT-A 225-216-8072
Campus Police Admin Office
Taylor, Jolanda
ASST DIRECTOR 225-216-8679Student Affairs
Student Life
Taylor, Sandra
College Navigator 225-216-8441Student Affairs
Advising & Retention
Theus, Shelisa
Assistant Professor, English 225-216-8157Liberal Arts
Thibodeaux, Jesse
IT EQUIP OPER 1 225-216-8156Information Technology
Student Services
Tidwell, Rachel
Assistant Professor 225-216-8546Nursing & Allied Health
Tilley, Genoria
Chief of Police 225-216-8001Campus Police
Public Safety
Toulmon, Theresa
ASSISTANT PROFESSOR 225-216-8079Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
Math and Sciences-Biology
Turner, Pamela
ADMIN ASST 1 225-216-8318
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Tyson-Polk, Brandy
Dean of Technical and Adult Education 225-216-8087
Technical Division
Varmall, Kenneth
GUARD 225-216-8001
Campus Police Admin Office
Varnado, Sydney
Associate Professor, English/Humanities 225-216-8030Liberal Arts
Veeder, Howard
COMPLIANCE OFFICER 225-216-8648Economic Development and Workforce Solutions
Workforce Solutions
Vernell, Jerome
Graphic Designer 225-216-8512Marketing and Public Relations
Marketing and Public Relations
Vignes, Danielle
Professor 225-216-8681Liberal Arts
Journalism - Speech
Wade, Lurtisha
Interim Assistant Director of Upward 1 225-216-8136Student Services
TRiO/ Primary Partnerships
Walker, Dianne
Assistant Professor, History 225-216-8672Business and Law
Warren, John
MANAGER 225-216-8271Information Technology
Information Technology
Washington, Bland
PURCHASING AGENT 225-216-8119Finance & Administration
Washington, Taylor
MANAGER 225-216-8494Information Technology
Information Technology
White, Lenora
SYSTEMS SUPPORT ANALYST 225-216-8717Information Technology
Information Technology
Whitton, Natasha
Department Chair, English and Humanities 225-216-8091Liberal Arts
Williams, Meghan
COMPLIANCE OFFICER 225-216-8776Human Resources
Human Resources
Williams, Melanie
Site Administrator, Port Allen 225-342-1337Technical Education
Vice Chancellor for Technical Education
Williams, Sulithian
College Navigator 225-216-8006Student Affairs
Advising & Retention
Williams Collins, Annessia
Accounts Clerk 225-216-8058Office of Accounting and Finance
Accounting and Finance
Wilson, Chad
MANAGER 225-216-8549Nursing & Allied Health
Wilson, Rita
Executive Assistant to the VC for Academic & Student Affairs 225-216-8361Office of the Vice Chancellors
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Wong, Jenny
Part Time Librarian/Original Cataloger/Faculty 225-216-8590Library
Library Services
Zheng, Xuning
SYSTEMS SUPPORT ANALYST 225-216-8525Information Technology
Information Technology