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Do you need a high school diploma or GED to take a construction course?

Education levels do not really matter in regards to courses typically. Technical understanding and work experience in a specific area does.  Not all skilled craft person have GED’s or Diploma’s.  However, some courses, for example, involve a fair amount of mathematical calculations.  Some courses require industry knowledge. For example, if you want to take any course dealing with electrical, you should be prepared to use a fair amount of math skills.  If you want to be a carpenter or open their own business, you will need blue print reading skills and math skills.  If you are in doubt, please contact the Program Director for Construction Education and they can help you.

I never received my certificates from a course.  Where/how can I get my certificates?

Notify the Program Director for Construction Education in writing or by email. Include your name, phone number, course taken, and course date. Please allow 48 hours for a records search. Once completed, you will be notified of its status. A record is kept of all student credentials and whether we received them, and whether they were mailed out or picked up. If you have just taken a course, please refer to the question above for how long it takes to receive credentials/certificates.

If you took a class prior to June 30, 2008, you were a Pathways student. Prior to the grant ending, all certificates were mailed out to the addresses listed on the registration forms for the courses.  Unless we received those certificates back from the US Postal Service, you will have to contact the credentialing body for a duplicate as BRCC mailed those out and no longer has those on hand.

What is contract training for a business?

Contract training for a business is a contractual agreement between an employer and Baton Rouge Community College to provide specific training, requested by the employer.

What specific training does Baton Rouge Community College provide?

BRCC provides many different areas of training: ranging from leadership excellence, outstanding customer service, business foundations, administrative professional skills and computer excellence.

What is IWTP?

The Incumbent Worker Training Program is a program that is funded by the Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC), through the employer’s Unemployment Insurance tax.

How do I qualify for an IWTP grant?


  1. A company needs to be in business in the state for at least three years.
  2. Contribute and in full compliance with state UI tax laws.
  3. Cannot receive IWTP Customized Training and Small Business Employee training concurrently.
  4. Must have at least 15 employees to be trained (consortiums can be formed to meet requirement).
  5. Request training to either: (a) prevent job loss caused by obsolete skills, technological change, or                                                   national or global competition, b) create, update, or retain jobs in a labor demand occupation; or c) update or retain jobs in an occupation which is not a labor demand occupation, if the administrator determines that the services are necessary to prevent the likely loss of jobs.


What is Open Enrollment?

Open Enrollment is the process of registering for not-credit classes which are open to the general public, businesses, industry and Baton Rouge Community College students.

Are you certified at the end of an Open Enrollment class?

A certificate of completion is given to each participant at the end of the class or course.  Industry Certifications are awarded depending on the course and usually require specific testing.  Certificates of Completion are awarded for all Continuing Education classes.

What kinds of training classes are offered?

Classes focus on Human Resources, Business Technology, Customer Service, Floral Design and Microsoft applications.

When are classes they held?

Classes in Continuing Education are scheduled monthly and are held during the day and evening. A monthly schedule is posted on our web site.  Customized courses are also scheduled for businesses.

Where are the classes held?

Classes are held at the Small Business Training Center, the Frazier Building and the main campus.  Notification of the location of each class is announced in the registration confirmation email.

How long are the classes?

Classes are in different lengths in Continuing Education.  The length of the course depends upon the type of course you take.