Getting started:

How to Form a Study Group

The DLASC helps students organize study groups to enhance student learning and increase peer-to-peer interaction. Sometimes study groups are formed organically, sometimes they need a jump-start. Please click on the above link to see an infographic on how to form a study group and some tips to consider while forming one.

If you would like to participate in a Study Group, there are different ways to start one. For one, you may poll your classmates via email to find out if anyone is interested. Their emails are available to you through Canvas. For another, your instructor may put you in groups based on certain criteria. It's always helpful if everyone is equally interested in participating.

Usually, study groups of no more than 5 students work best. Establishing a clear schedule with a predetermined meeting place that is convenient for all also helps keep a study group on track. Setting an agenda for each meeting with specific tasks for each person is definitely one way to ensure that everyone benefits from the study group. 

For further information on study groups, how to get involved in one, and how they work, please contact the DLASC.