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Your business may be eligible for state-funded training programs available through the Louisiana Workforce Commission.

Incumbent Worker Training Program

The Incumbent Worker Training Program (IWTP) is administered by the Louisiana Workforce Commission. The program allows large companies to apply for training grants that are paid for by a portion of Unemployment Insurance (UI) tax contributions dedicated solely for customized training. Employers must have been in business in the state for at least three years, contributing and in full compliance with state UI tax laws, must have at least 15 employees to be trained, and the trainees must be incumbent workers for whom the employer incurs a Louisiana UI tax liability. The training’s goals should be to either: a) prevent job loss caused by obsolete skills, technological change, or national/global competition; b) create, update, or retain jobs in a labor demand occupation; or c) update or retain jobs in an occupation which is not a labor demand occupation, if the administrator determines that the services are necessary to prevent the likely loss of jobs.

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Small Business Employee Training

The IWTP program also has a program specifically for small businesses called the Small Business Employee Training (SBET) grant. SBET is designed to benefit business and industry by assisting in the skill development of existing employees through individual, standardized (off-the-shelf) training. Employers are reimbursed for tuition and required textbooks and manuals once training has been completed and proper documentation has been submitted to the Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC). Training costs cannot exceed $3000 per trainee per state fiscal year. SBET is meant for Louisiana businesses with fifty or fewer employees.

Training can consist of either credit or non-credit classes at an educational institution under the policy or direct management authority of the Board of Regents; training from a manufacturer or their representative within one year of the purchase of equipment valued at more than $3000 where the training is not otherwise incorporated into the purchase price of the equipment; training from a manufacturer or their representative to upgrade computer skills; or training from a national, regional or state trade association that offers an independently certified training curricula and testing, which can demonstrate a successful training history of at least five years.

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Corporate and Continuing Education can help you complete the necessary application to get IWTP grants from the state of Louisiana. For more information call 225-216-8239 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .