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Welcome to TEP

The BRCC Teacher Education Program (TEP) is committed to providing interested students with a quality experience in instruction, field experience, and professional development. In particular, this program concentrates on the certification for grades 1-5, known as the Associate of Science in Teaching. If you are interested in the PK-3 certification, you can still take advantage of this transfer program. See an advisor for further information. If you are interested in 4-8 or 6-12 (secondary) programs, please refer to the college catalog of your transfer institution and follow its course guidelines. Then see the BRCC website to confirm which courses transfer to that four-year school. Statewide certification information can be found at the Louisiana Department of Education Teacher Certification page.

The Associate of Science in Teaching (A.S.T.) is a transfer degree program that addresses the requirements of the newly redesigned Baccalaureate of Science in Elementary Education offered by the public and private colleges of education in Louisiana. The A.S.T. initially offers a concentration in the elementary 1st through 5th grades certification area. This degree provides an additional offering for non-traditional and traditional students who desire to become certified elementary school teachers in Louisiana.

BRCC has participated in statewide development of the A.S.T. in order to provide students with a pathway to make a seamless transition to the four-year institutions in teacher education. With the development of the A.S.T., this degree eliminates the course-by-course transfer challenges students undergo as they move to the receiving institution. Before this degree was approved by the Board of Regents, students had no viable vehicle to receive an associate degree and then matriculate to a four-year institution to obtain teacher certification without the loss of numerous earned credits. Graduates of this A.S.T. program will be teacher candidates who are effective communicators with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to succeed at four-year institutions.

This program is committed to providing a supportive administration, faculty, and staff to meet the students’ individual needs. This goal is accomplished by offering best practice course content and delivery, on-site financial assistance, faculty advising as well as professional counseling services, opportunities for extra-curricular activities, and assistance in the utilization of the library, computer labs, audio-visual learning facilities, and other support services. This program is also committed to cultivating an environment that supports open communication and a high level of performance by administration, faculty, staff, and students that challenges all to learn.