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You may access for free the Michigan Journal of Service Learning through the journal's digital portal. Check it out for a rich trove of ideas and planning materials:

Here are a few examples: Title:


New Resource for Faculty

Standards and Indicators for Effective Service-Learning Practice. (This information could apply to post-secondary education. This link comes from the Learn and Serve America website.)

Faculty Starter Kit


Interested in starting a new service learning project?


Begin by learning what you can about service learning.


If you are new to the concept of service learning, learn what you can by reviewing the other links on the website. If you are a visual learner, please check out the resources below. These videos will only take a few minutes and should inspire critical questions and provide you with a general sense of direction.



M e n t o r s :


Contact participating service learning faculty and talk with them about their projects.
  • Esperanza Simien (Spanish)
  • Carolyn Smith (English)
  • Ana Boone (Spanish)
  • Gloria Bockrath (Psychology)
  • Amy Atchley (Speech)
  • Sharon Davidson (English)
  • Bea Gyimah (English)
  • Stacia Hardy (SPAR)
  • Eugenia Simien (Spanish)
  • Jo Dale Ales (Env Science)
  • Samatha Ackers (English)

* Faculty with astericks have projects under development

V i d e o s:


Learn what you can from recommeded resources availble on the internet.

Informative service learning interview.

Luling Land Lab

" target="_blank">Service Learning Project Video produced by students



Contact the Service Learning Department (6-8661) at any time to discuss your ideas or get answers to your questions.



Next, obtain the appropriate planning paperwork to develop your service project. Put your ideas on paper and review the requirements, represented by each section.





These documents are available on the documents and forms web page (See the link on the left).


Finally, submit your plans to the service learning office for review.