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Service Learning

Service learning is an exciting area of educational theory and practice which brings excitement, engagement, and topical relevance to any college course. Research has shown that the enriched learning environments created by service-learning structured learning communities promotoes student engagement and success.

Our mission at the Horizons Service Learning Project is to make service learning a priority and core practice at Baton Rouge Community College. Research studies prove that Service Learning fosters a better understanding of classroom material, is a catalyst for innovative leadership and social responsibility, and drives positive change in the community. We seek to elevate student learning and inspire an ethic of social and civic responsibility by creating initiatives that connect, challenge, inspire and excite. 


Community Partners
We cannot succeed in our mission without developing deep and sustained partnerships with community agents. They include the Mid City Redevelopment Alliance, YWCA, Youth Oasis, Williamsburg Senior Living Community, the Hispanic Apostolate and Catholic Charities.

Faculty Participants
There are many reasons why faculty members choose to become participants in service learning, not the least of which is the suggestion that service learning increases retention and student engagement in the learning process.  
Service Learners
Across the nation, community college students choose the service learning option. Find out why they make this choice and how new students follow in the same path.  


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