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The Advising, Counseling, and Career Services, ACCS, staff celebrates your decision to continue your journey to being a life-long learner!  We pledge to do everything we can to help you achieve your academic, personal and vocational goals at BRCC.  As professional academic advisors, licensed professional counselors, and dedicated staff and paraprofessionals, we exist to empower you to make informed decisions about school, life and work.

Academic, personal, and/or vocational services are provided in two basic ways:  in response to your request received in person, via telephone or e-mail OR initiated by us in response to data or referral.  If you have a question or concern, if you perceive a need for any service we can provide you are welcome to seek us out – see our contact info in the next section!

We practice intrusive advising and mentoring at BRCC.  As professionals who first earned post-secondary degrees and have spend many years working with college students like you, we know potential threats to your success.  If your academic performance or referrals from your instructors seem to indicate that you might benefit from an ACCS service, we will contact you by phone, by an e-mail to your BRCC account or note sent to one of your classes. 

202 Bienvenue Student Center
ACCS is open 53 hours per week:  
8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Fridays
Students are seen on a first come, first served basis – walk-ins welcome!  .

ACCS Mission Statement

BRCC’s Counseling, Advising, and Disability Services office, (ACCS), exists to provide services based on the learner’s individual needs. Students are empowered to achieve their academic, career, and personal goals via services consistent with ADA recommendations, using academic/career assessments, referrals from BRCC faculty/staff and current ACCS Standard Operating Procedures.

New students ask us a lot of questions.  These are the most frequently asked questions.  See if yours is answered here.

Is academic advising required at BRCC?
Yes.  All new students entering BRCC are required to meet with an ACCS academic advisor prior to register for the first semester.  During that initial advising contact one-on-one or in small groups, the advisor will assist you to verbalize your academic goal and how to best achieve it at BRCC.  You will receive a worksheet or degree checklist to indicate what classes you should schedule.  When you are done, you will have your PIN  (this is your Personal Identification Number), your  B# (this is your Student User ID), and you will be cleared to register for classes.   BRCC students use BANNERWEB to schedule online.  You will also receive a sheet of instructions on how to use the online system.

Shortly before the system opens to schedule for the next semester, new students are assigned to a Faculty Advisor.  New students who become BRCC students are called continuing students. 


Who is my advisor?
As a BRCC continuing student you will be assigned a faculty advisor.  This assignment is based the degree program you indicated on your application for admission.  If that information  is no longer correct, please fill out a “Change of Student Information” form and turn it in to Enrollment Service.  If you do not, you will not be assigned to the appropriate advisor.  Most students see the Faculty Advisor within a week of the start of class registration for the next semester.  You will see the name of your faculty advisor on your mid-term grade repot or by clicking the following link:  Click Here to Find Your Advisor

What if my advisor is not available?

During the Advising Period, advisors set aside time specifically to meet with advisees, this is the time you should meet with your advisor to discuss course scheduling for the upcoming registration period. Schedule an appointment in advance or schedule a meeting on a sign-up sheet if your advisor posts one on the office door. If for some reason you cannot meet with your assigned Faculty Advisor, you may seek assistance from another.