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This CSSO course is hazard awareness training to help you work safely on a constuction site.  In this course we:
- explain the safety obligations of workers, supervisors, and managers to ensure a safe
- discuss the causes and results of accidents and the impact of accident costs.
- review the role of company policies and OSHA Regulations.
- introduce common job-site hazards and identify proper protections.
- define safe work procedures, proper use of personal protective equipment, and how to
  safely work with hazardous chemicals.
- identify other potential construction hazards, including hazardous material exposures,
  welding and cutting hazards, and confined spaces.

Semester:  Summer 2024  Course No.: YCOS 9101 CRN/Section: 30586/E01 Hours: 18
Dates: 6/10/24 (Mon), 6/12/24 (Wed), 6/17/24 (Mon), 6/19/24 (Wed)
Days/Time: Mondays/6:00pm-9:00pm & Wednesdays/6:00pm-9:00pm
Location: Online  Cost: $0

Semester:  Summer 2024  Course No.: YCOS 9101 CRN/Section: 30587/E02 Hours: 18
Dates: 7/8/24 (Mon), 7/10/24 (Wed), 7/15/24 (Mon), 7/17/24 (Wed)
Days/Time: Mondays/6:00pm-9:00pm & Wednesdays/6:00pm-9:00pm
Location: Online  Cost: $0

Semester: Spring 2024  Course No.: YBUS 8001 CRN/Section: 21772/E10 Hours: 16
Dates: 5/6/2024 - 5/26/2024  Days/Time/Location: Online Instruction  Cost: $0

Semester: Summer 2024  Course No.: YTRA 9570 CRN/Section: 30585/E02 Hours: 12
Dates: 6/17/2024 - 6/22/2024  Days/Time/Location: Online Instruction 
Practical Exam Location: To Be Announced Cost: $0

Semester: Summer 2024  Course No.: YTRA 9590 CRN/Section: 30583/E01 Hours: 35
Dates: 6/17/2024 - 8/4/2024  Days/Time/Location: Online Instruction  Cost: $0

Prepare for the Louisiana Notary Public Examination. The course will provide an in-depth study of the most recent edition of the Fundamentals of Louisiana Notarial Law and Practice, which is the Notary Public Examination's Official Study Guide.  Some of the topics covered will be the preparation of acts, mortgages, and notarial wills.  The study guide required for this course is only available for purchase through the Louisiana Secretary of State's website.  For more information about the notary exam and purchasing the study guide, visit the Secretary of State's official site at: 
Semester: Spring 2024  Course No.: YPRO 7000  Hours: 21
CRN/Section: On Campus (21238/M02); Online (21239/E02)
Dates: 4/23/2024 - 5/30/2024   Day/Time: Tuesday/6:00pm-9:00pm
Location: BRCC Mid City Campus, Governors 230  Cost: $550

Intensive course that teaches students basic investigative skills and discovery techniques. Become familiar with the Louisiana State Private Investigator Exam: state/federal investigator laws, undercover investigations, surveillance techniques, interview/statement methods, court record checks, subpoena procedures, computer database research, video/still photography techniques, locating witnesses and missing-persons, and testifying strategies. Course participants required to take the state exam. Textbook included in course. Exam available separately on last Sunday of class through the Louisiana Private Investigator’s Board for an additional cost of $50. 

Semester:  Fall 2024   Course No.: YPRO 7100   Hours: 40
CRN/Section: 11334/M01   Course Date Period: 9/27/2024 - 10/6/2024
Dates/Times:  2 Consecutive Weekends*
Location: BRCC Mid City Campus, Louisiana 105   Cost: $375
*Weekend Dates and Times:    Friday      9/27/24  &  10/4/24    6:00pm-10:00pm
                                                   Saturday  9/28/24  &  10/5/24    8:00am-5:00pm
                                                   Sunday    9/29/24  &  10/6/24    8:00am-5:00pm

This NCCER (National Center for Construction Education and Research) occupational safety program is the one most needed and large construction companies request for becoming a safety technician in a plant or on a large construction site. It is designed so that students can take either half first (the "Field Safety" half or the "Safety Technology" half). This CSST (Construction Site Safety Technician) program deals with hazard recognition and safety management systems. Topics covered include hazard communication, work zone safety, personal protective equipment, fall protection, trenching safety, job safety analysis and task safety analysis, safety meetings, work permit policies, risk analysis and assessment.
Those who complete both courses and pass all NCCER tests receive certification as a Construction Site Safety Technician through the National Center for Construction Education and Research, along with up to five additional credentials.  These CSST courses are offered in an online/hybrid format where students participate in Zoom classes on Saturdays, that includes lectures, discussions, and demonstrations.  Students read through presentations and study guides to complete simple assignments and quizzes online on their own, all to prepare for NCCER's official online tests that can be taken at any time of the day or night.  This program is eight weeks long with four Saturdays in each course. Recordings of Saturday classes are available in case students cannot make the Saturday sessions, which makes this course flexible with a student's schedule.

Semester: Summer 2024   Course Title/No.: CSST Safety Tech/YCOS 9554   Hours: 50
30506/E01   Dates: 6/15/2024 - 7/19/2024
Saturdays/7:30am-5:30pm  Location:  Online Zoom Course   Cost: $400

Semester: Fall 2024   Course Title/No.: CSST Field Safety/YCOS 9555   Hours: 50
CRN/Section: 11318/E01   Dates: 8/17/2024 - 9/20/2024   
Day/Time: Saturdays/7:30am-5:30pm  Location:  Online Zoom Course   Cost: $400

Focus on your SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP credentials based on the current HR landscape. This certification is 100% focused on the competencies and knowledge all HR professionals need in order to lead in today’s business community. Using universal skills and recognition, SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP are built on one single, comprehensive SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge™ (SHRM BoCK™) and are relevant worldwide, giving professionals the recognition and flexibility to use their knowledge, skills and competencies anywhere their career takes them. Competency and knowledge based SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP test competencies as well as HR knowledge, and their application, adds to the professional’s ability to demonstrate what they know, and what they can do with their knowledge in the variety of situations they encounter. Developed with employers in mind, SHRM-CP and SHRM-SCP are based on in-depth research focused on—and backed by—global employers and business leaders. They reflect what HR practitioners need to know to be leaders in their organizations and in the profession. 

Semester: Spring 2024  Course No.: YPRO 3100  Hours: 36
CRN/Section: On Campus (21719/M01); Online (21720/E01)
Dates: 3/18/2024 - 6/9/2024   Day/Time: Wednesdays/6:00pm-9:00pm
On Campus Class Location: BRCC Mid City Campus, Governors 230  
Cost: $1075 (includes course materials)