Baton Rouge Community College (BRCC) marked the start of its 25th Anniversary activities with an exciting ribbon-cutting ceremony for its new state-of-the-art Math Lab. The new lab promises to revolutionize math education and enhance the learning experience for students at the College.

BRCC Chancellor Dr. Willie E. Smith, Sr., along with other guests, students, and faculty and staff members, cut the ribbon showing BRCC's continued commitment to academic excellence and innovation in education.

"Our new Math Lab is a symbol of our dedication to fostering an environment where every student can succeed," said Dr. Willie E. Smith, Sr., Chancellor of Baton Rouge Community College. "As we celebrate 25 years of service to our community, we are proud to unveil this cutting-edge facility that will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of education at BRCC."

The Mathematics Lab will inspire, educate, and empower the mathematicians of today and tomorrow.  It’s not just a room, it's an immersive learning experience. It bridges the gap between traditional classroom learning and cutting-edge technology that only supports out students, but  fosters collaboration, inclusivity, and project-based exploration.

The cutting-edge facility is equipped with a range of features to provide an inclusive and dynamic learning experience for all. The Lab features:

Innovative Workstations for Interactive Learning:

  • Mobile Cyber Touch Tables: The lab boasts six mobile cyber touch tables, designed to facilitate interactive and collaborative learning experiences. The sleek and user-friendly tables are equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that students can seamlessly engage with mathematical concepts through touch, visuals, and digital tools.
  • Wall-Mounted Cyber Touch Units: Complementing the mobile tables, the Mathematics Lab features three wall-mounted cyber touch units that are ADA compliant. These units provide an ergonomic and accessible space for students to explore mathematical concepts with ease, ensuring that everyone can participate and excel in the learning process.

Enhanced Visual Learning Tools:

  • Wall-Mounted Clarus Boards: The Mathematics Lab is adorned with wall-mounted Clarus boards, which serve as an excellent platform for visualizing complex mathematical ideas. These boards enhance the learning environment, allowing instructors and students to illustrate, brainstorm, and work through mathematical problems effortlessly.
  • Monitors and Cameras: Equipped with state-of-the-art monitors and cameras, this space seamlessly integrates with the online student population. Instructors can engage remote learners, bridging the gap between physical and virtual attendees to create an inclusive educational ecosystem.

Adaptable Space for Versatile Use:

  • Collapsible Glass Wall: A standout feature of the Mathematics Lab is the collapsible glass wall. This innovative architectural element allows for flexibility in room configuration, transforming a single large space into multiple smaller rooms or individual group study areas. Whether it's a full-class lecture or small group discussions, our lab adapts to meet your specific needs, offering a conducive environment for diverse learning styles.


During BRCC’s 25th anniversary activities, the public is invited to tour the future of mathematical education in the College’s state-of-the-art lab, where the boundaries of mathematical discovery are limitless.

For more information about BRCC, visit or call 1-866-217-9823.