Step 1: Admissions application
Submit your admissions application.  

Step 2:  Submit proof of immunization
If you did not select the immunization waiver on the application, you must submit proof of immunization compliance if you were born after 1956.  However, you may still complete the immunization waiver here.

Step 3: Submit proof of registration with selective service
Submit proof of registration with military selective service for male applicants between the ages of 18 and 26 (in compliance with State Law R.S. 17:3151). Register now with selective services at

Step 4: Submit college transcripts
Students are encouraged to submit official copies of transcripts from each college or university for which credit may be awarded.  An official transcript is one that is mailed directly from the transferring college to BRCC.  Students are encouraged to request that their transcript be sent electronically to BRCC from those colleges that participate in the eScript or National Student Clearinghouse systems. Click here to check for course equivalencies.

Step 5:  Apply for Federal Financial Assistance
BRCC’s Federal Title IV ID is 037303.  Click here for more information on Financial Aid