BRCC Students

If you are seeking a degree at Baton Rouge Community College, you may encounter a semester where the class you need is not offered in the semester for which you’re enrolled. Cross enrollment may be the solution to taking the course you need.

Cross enrollment is when you are enrolled at Baton Rouge Community College (your home institution) and you are also enrolled in pre-approved courses at one of the following institutions (host institution) Louisiana State University (BR), Southern University (BR), River Parishes Community College, Southeastern Louisiana University, or Delgado Community College It is important to note that you are only eligible to receive financial aid at your home institution.

If you are enrolled at Baton Rouge Community College and would like to cross enroll at one of the approved institutions, please note the following:

  • You may not cross enroll for any course offered at BRCC in your currently enrolled semester. You must take that course at BRCC
  • You may not register yourself at the host institution for any course. You must complete the appropriate cross enrollment request form and submit it to Enrollment Services at Registering yourself for a course at the host institution will define you as a visiting student to the host institution and you will owe tuition and fees to the host institution for that course. Your financial aid eligibility at BRCC and/or BRCC’s tuition rates will not apply to that course unless you are cross enrolled.
  • If you are requesting cross enrollment with Delgado Community College, you must also submit with your completed request form a screenshot of your Account Detail for Term showing your tuition has been paid, you’ve joined a payment plan, or your financial aid has been authorized to pay your tuition.  Please note that without this documentation, Delgado will not approve your cross enrollment request.

Click on your school of choice to access the request form:

Submit the completed request form to the Office of Enrollment Services by email at

Students will be notified by email of their status. Please note cross enrollment is not guaranteed.


ATTENTION Louisiana State University (BR), Southern University (BR), Southeastern Louisiana University, River Parishes Community College, and Delgado Community College Students:

If you are an LSU, Southern, Southeastern, RPCC, or Delgado student desiring to cross enroll at BRCC, please follow the cross-enrollment procedures at your home institution. The cross-enrollment form MUST be approved and signed by the dean of your major and then submitted to the Registrar’s Office at your home institution. You may NOT submit your form directly to BRCC. Your cross enrollment process must be facilitated by your home college. No exceptions.

Please note cross enrollment is not guaranteed.