Guidelines for Students Re. COVID-19

Dear BRCC Students:

Please review the information below, which details the college’s established process and guidelines regarding COVID-19 that a student should take if they exhibit symptoms (Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath):

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Stay home if you are exhibiting any of the following symptoms:
    • Fever
    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath
  2. Seek medical attention. 
  3. If you are experiencing any symptoms, contact your instructors and the Dean of Students at dos@mybrcc.eduor submit a report in BRCC Cares (Request for Assistance Link)   
  4. Any student that is absent and has exhibited the symptoms above must provide medical clearance to the Dean of Students to return to campus.
  5. Accommodations (e.g., extended due dates, electronic submission of assignments, videos of instructor lectures posted to Canvas, ect.), when possible, will be made for individuals who may be temporarily unable to attend class due to restrictions placed on them related to possible exposure to the virus that causes COVID-19.
  6. Please communicate electronically with your instructors regarding all course related matters. 

Who Should You Contact and When?

Any BRCC student that (1) has been in contact with an individual that has recently traveled outside the United States or to states with known COVID-19 reports; (2) has been in contact with an individual known or suspected to have COVID-19; and/or, (3) is demonstrating symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath), must immediately self-quarantine and contact The Dean of Students (  They should seek medical attention. 

What is the Process for Returning to Campus?

Any student that is absent and has exhibited the symptoms above must provide medical clearance to the Dean of Students ( to return to campus.  Students may not return to any BRCC location until medical clearance is submitted and confirmed by the Nursing and Allied Health (NAH) division. 

Perform routine environmental cleaning

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

The Centers for Disease Control website has the most up to date information regarding COVID-19.  

CDC also provides information for students, staff, and faculty who have recently traveled back to the United States from areas where CDC has identified community spread of coronavirus:

The CDC also provides guidance for students, staff, or faculty who plan to travel, or have recently traveled, to areas with community spread of COVID-19. Refer to CDC’s FAQ for travelers and COVID-19 travel website. For specific guidance on foreign exchange and study abroad programs, see CDC’s guidance on student foreign travel for Institutions of Higher Education.

Latest information for Louisiana

Continue to stay abreast of the latest information and developments. For updates on the state’s response to the coronavirus situation, visit the Louisiana Department of Health website