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Accreditation & Alliances

The Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE)
The Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE) sets standards for academic program accreditation, personal certification, and professional development for educators and industry professionals involved in integrating technology, leadership, and design.atmae accreditation logo


Louisiana State Alliance:
Louisiana Process Technology Alliance (LAPTEC)
Louisiana has been a trend setter in PTEC over the last three years. Their success in recruitment, program quality, and hiring of PTEC graduates has been attributed to their true commitment to PARTNERSHIPS. The Louisiana State PTEC Board, which is legislatively mandated, meets once a month and is made up of education, industry, government, and non-profits that support their mission. The board is industry driven and is currently being chaired by Guy Tenini, Plant Manager, Dupont and co-chaired by Steve Rathweg, Site Manager, Shell Chemical - Geismar. Although this board was initiated by the Louisiana Chemical Association (LCA), other industries such as oil and gas and E&P are also actively involved on the board. Visit our state website, to find out more about our PTEC passion.

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It's Not What You Think . . . It's Better! 
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The Center for the Advancement of Process Technology (CAPT)
The Center for the Advancement of Process Technology (CAPT) supports the development of a highly skilled, educated, and diverse process technician workforce for the chemical manufacturing, refining, oil and gas production, and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry sectors. To accomplish this, CAPT focuses on three models: one for pre-hire education in process technology (PTEC), one for new hire training, and one for incumbent training.

The Center is a national collaboration between education and industry in eight partner alliances in its commitment to process technology education: Alaska Process Industry Careers Consortium, Gulf Coast Process Technology Alliance, Greater New Jersey Process Technology Alliance, Louisiana Process Technology Alliance, Great Lakes Process Technology Alliance, North West Process Technology Alliance, Rockies Alliance for Process Technology, and Southern California Chemical Technology Alliance.

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North American Process Technology Alliance (NAPTA)
The North American Process Technology Alliance (NAPTA) is an organization of the Process Technology (PTEC) education providers and their business, industry, and community advisors cooperatively working toward their common goals.

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