Center's Staff and Faculty


Ranoda Taylor

Ranoda Taylor is the Office Administrator for the Center for Undergraduate Student Achievement. She performs all aspects of administrative functions, including personal and fiscal services for the PBI Grant. Taylor possesses seven years of higher education expertise, contributing three years to Baton Rouge Community College. She wholistically assists students by providing academic resources and support, which fosters their educational journeys.

John Heatly

John Heatly, CUSA's Intrusive Advisor, is a graduate of University of Phoenix, where he earned a B.S. in Business Administration, and a Master's in Educational Leadership and Supervision. In the last 20 years, Heatly has worked in education at both the high school and collegiate level as teacher, dean of students, and coordinator of dual enrollment for students in Louisiana and Georgia. Heatly's foundational pillars during this time have been in the development of young minds through classroom instruction partnered with athletic compassion on the playing fields. 

Deborah Williams

Deborah Williams, Senior Advising Specialist, has 20 years of experience in higher education as well as a Master's degree in Computer Science from Southern University Baton Rouge. Williams has served CUSA since 2017, providing services that include advising, counseling, life development, and life coaching. Her goal is to provide the most accurate information possible to students, and retain students by assisting in degree planning toward successful graduation in order to join the work force and/or transfer to a university of choice.

Kenneth Sims

Kenneth Sims is the Program Coordinator for the Center for Undergraduate Student Achievement. He possesses a Master's Degree in Education and has been with Baton Rouge Community College for 10 years. Sims is an expert in assisting first generation college students with intrusive advising, mentorship, and retention to ensure students are successful in their specific programs in college. His services include degree planning, course scheduling, student support, FAFSA assistance, and student support referrals. 

Micah Green

Micah Green is the Program Coordinator for the Center for Undergraduate Student Achievement, as well as an Assistant Coach for the BRCC Men's Basketball Team. Green received his undergraduate degree from LSU and his Master's from ULM. An active part of CUSA since September of 2018, Green has always had a tremendous passion for working with students from all demographics to help them achieve beyond what they would normally see for themselves. 

Benjamin S. Lowenkron

Professor Benjamin S. Lowenkron is the Academic Support Coordinator for the Center for Undergraduate Student Achievement. For the past decade, Lowenkron has served as a professor in the English and Humanities Department as well as the Transfer Specialist for the Division of Liberal Arts. Prior to joining CUSA in January 2020, Lowenkron served as the Jane Manship Professor of English and Humanities, Chair of the Arts Fest Committee, Chair of the Exit Exam Task Force, Chair of the Student Success Task Force for English & Reading, a member of the International Fest committee, and as a club advisor for the BRCC Poetry Club and FANDOM. Lowenkron earned his MFA from LSU in 2009 and his BA in English from the College of William and Mary in 2005.

Antoinette Patterson

Antoinette Patterson is a Program Coordinator for the Center for Undergraduate Student Achievement. She is known locally and abroad for her great leadership abilities, knowledge, understanding and great wisdom. Over the years she has structured her life with higher education, learning and advancement amongst her colleagues.

Patterson is a graduate of Baton Rouge Magnet High School, honor graduate of Southern University at Baton Rouge in Computer Science and three additional years of college in the Southern University School of Nursing program, and a year in Southeastern Louisiana University Nursing program.

She has been a business owner for 20 years which includes real estate investment and property management; the owner/broker of a real estate company & the founder of American Dream Foundation.

She also enjoys speaking to at-risk children in the community believing “each one can reach one.” She was honored for her community service, diversity, service to people in need and leadership. She was also honored by Channel 33 as their featured spotlight for their “Everything Woman” recognition.

Faculty Champions

Vickie Flanders

Vickie Flanders is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at BRCC. She has been teaching at BRCC for 15 years in all levels of mathematics from Developmental Mathematics to Multidimensional Calculus. She is the Engineering Program Manager, and serves as a Senator representing the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Division in the BRCC Faculty Senate. She also serves on various committees in the Math Department as well as other college-wide committees. The most prestigious awards Flanders has attained are the BRCC Outstanding Faculty Award, LCTCS Outstanding Faculty Award, Dove Award for Outstanding Service to BRCC, and LCTCS Master Teacher. She serves as President-Elect of the Louisiana-Mississippi Mathematical Association of Two-Year Colleges (LsMsMATYC). She also serves on the Executive Board for the Louisiana Association of Teachers of Mathematics (LATM), where she serves as Communication Coordinator and oversee the quarterly newsletter, conference publication, and social media. 

Shelisa Theuss

Shelisa Theuss has an extensive background teaching various forms of writing and literature. She focuses on Composition and Rhetoric, Argumentative Writing, Advanced Composition, Advanced Grammar, Technical Writing, Professional Writing, African American Literature, and American Literature. Within literature, she has a strong focus on Women's Studies. 

Theuss is a mentor at heart. She believes in assisting students beyond the classroom/coursework, so they can learn more about themselves, their aspirations, and the resources available to help them reach their goals.

Virtual Office Hours:  

Tuesday and Thursday  1:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Monday and Wednesday  3:00 pm – 5: 00 pm
Friday  10 am – 12:00 pm


Richard Sandon

Richard Sandon has taught Mathematics at Baton Rouge community college since 2016.

Sandon earned a BSEET in electrical engineering from Devry University in 1980. He used that degree working for GE Medical. While at GE, Sandon spent 13 years as a field engineering providing installation, services, and maintenance on everything in the hospital that makes a picture of you ( X-ray, CT, MR, Nuc. med, and Ultrasound).

While working for GE, Sandon earned a MAM Master of Arts in Management at National University. This helped him to take a position at the GE Medical training institute. For 14 years, Sandon taught field engineers to service medical imaging equipment.

In 2007, Sandon took a position as Install Manager for GE, located in Lubbock Texas. His responsibilities included planning and install medical equipment in medical facilities. Due to a downturn in medical equipment purchasing, Sandon was given early retirement.

He received an undergraduate certificate in teaching mathematics at Texas Tech University. He spent approximately four years teaching middle and high school in the Lubbock area. In 2016, Sandon earned a Master degree in Mathematics from Texas Tech University, and accepted a position teaching at Baton Rouge Community College.

Laurie Potter

Laurie Potter is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at BRCC and serves as the Head of Mathematics in CUSA. The combination of opportunities and experiences Potter has been afforded has helped to shape the type of teacher that she is today, developing several strategies to meet the needs of various learning styles. Some of these strategies include rewording questions, drawing pictures, and even making up songs. Whatever she can do to help the student understand the material in an interactive and engaging way, Potter is willing to do it.

Over the years, one key factor that Potter has found to block the success of many students with mathematics is FEAR. This is why her goal at CUSA is not to just help the students understand the content, but to boost their confidence as well. Potter believes that with the proper tools and support, every student is capable of having success in mathematics.

Eric Eliott

Eric Elliott is an Assistant Professor in English and Humanities and has been a Faculty Champion at The Center for Undergraduate Student Achievement since its inception. He received his MFA in Poetry from LSU in 2008, and his Chapbook, "The Graves We Dig," was published in 2011 by Ampersand Press.

David Simon

David Simon has professionally tutored or taught mathematics to all age levels from 5th grade through college senior, since Fall of 1998. Simon taught math in high school for three years, tutored at Sylvan Learning Center, and taught college level maths for 13 years. Simon enjoys teaching as if it were a conversation, not just one person lecturing at others. He prefers interaction between himself and his students, or between students as long as it's on topic.

Simon's degree is in differential geometry, linear algebra and probability theory. His wife teaches high school Biology (dual enrollment). His oldest daughter loves math also and is striving for a higher degree in mathematics at Mississippi State University.

Simon's latest passion in teaching has taken the form of creating lecture videos for every topic in every subject I have ever taught.

He has even created his own YouTube channel named "Simon Says Math" in order to upload and share this celebration of knowledge with the world.

David Clark, Jr.

David Clark, Jr. has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of Electrical Engineering and business. He earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Southern University and MBA from Elon University. David furthered his studies in Electrical Engineering at MIT and ABD in the Leadership Studies program at North Carolina A&T State University (dissertation in progress). At NC A&T, he was one of the first students admitted into the program. He presented a paper at the Gen. Hugh Shelton Leadership Forum at NC State (first graduate student to be given the honor). The next year he was invited back to present as part of a team.  At the international conference of the Asia-Pacific Academy of Management and Business (APAMB) at the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), David was chosen to present his dissertation proposal. 

For over 25 years David worked in the telecommunications industry at Western Electric, AT&T, and Lucent Technologies; and he designed telecommunications networks for the federal government (Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, IRS, NASA, White House Communications, White Sands Missile Range, Greater Cleveland Rapid Transit, etc.).  His experience also includes contracts with service providers (Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, WinStar, etc.), independent phone companies, and commercial customers (Morgan Stanley, HSN, USAA, etc.).  David has managed cross-functional teams during the implementation and installation of many of these projects and also has experience in sales, project management, and proposal development experience. 

David’s vast experience includes the position of Regional Director of the largest African-American affinity group in the country—Alliance of Black Lucent Employees (ABLE)-- and chapter president of the Winifred Latimer Norman chapter. He has served as a Loaned Executive with the United Way of Greater Greensboro for two years and later became a member of the Executive Board, soliciting local businesses to provide Loaned Executives during the United Way fund-drive campaign. 

David is currently an instructor of College Success Skills in the Department of Innovative Learning and Academic Support, and math in the Adult Basic Ed department.  He is a certified CPR instructor and certified Construction Safety instructor with WorkReadyU at the college. 


Joshua Hampton

Joshua Hampton has tutored math for 20 years, starting in 2000 when he was a high school senior. He has always had a passion for math and enjoys passing that passion on to others. Joshua started with CUSA in June 2019.   

Joshua believes any student can increase their math skills to proficient levels if they have the obedience, drive, determination, and perseverance.

Abbey Domm

Abigail Domm tutors English here at the Center-USA. Abbey is transferring to LSU in the Fall as an English major. Two of her biggest passions in life are helping people and creative writing. Abbey has been writing since she was about ten years old, creating universes and complicated worlds like there's no tomorrow. It has helped her through some difficult times in her life and it stuck with her, becoming something she is highly passionate about. Now, she gets to use that love for writing to help others with their own.