Students who have taken an advanced placement course of the College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) in their secondary school and who have taken an Advanced Placement (AP) Examination of the CEEB may receive course credit with a score of 3, 4, or 5, depending on the subject. Scores must be received directly from CEEB before credit is awarded.
    BRCC may award credit to individuals who receive(d) an acceptable score on the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) General Examinations and who meet/exceed the ACE recommended scores for awarding credit on the CLEP subject examinations. Students transferring to other colleges or universities will be required to follow the transfer institution's policy on granting CLEP credit. A $30 per exam proctoring fee is charged. For CLEP examinations taken prior to July 1, 2001, BRCC will grant credit based on scaled scores. English Composition: Students pursuing credit for English 1013 must present official documents confirming the necessary scores on the College Composition exam or the College Composition Modular with Optional Essay exam. BRCC does not award credit for English 1023 through a CLEP exam..
    BRCC may award credit to individuals who receive(d) a passing score on the DSST Examination Program (formerly Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support or DANTES) to individuals who meet or exceed ACE recommended scores for awarding credit on the subject examination. To set an appointment to discuss your DSST scores, send an email to testingcenter@mybrcc.edu. BRCC does not award credit for ENGL 1023 through a DSST examination. Credit received through DSST is transferable within BRCC, but may not be transferable to other colleges/universities.
    Any student who believes he/she is qualified for college credit through previous training or noncredit coursework may apply for Departmental Credit by Examination for certain courses by contacting the department in which the course is housed.  Both written and skills testing may be required to insure that course rigor is maintained and achieved. Passing grades will be determined by the individual departments. To determine the appropriate department/program, please contact us at testingcenter@mybrcc.edu

Students may not request:
    to challenge a course by examination a second time
    to challenge a course by examination while currently enrolled in the course
    to establish credit in a previously completed course, or
    to establish credit for a lower level of a course in which credit has been received

If successful, a grade of Pass (P) is recorded on the student's transcript with a notation of "credit by examination". A $30 proctoring fee is charged for each examination.

Here is a list of the CLEP subjects that are accepted for credit at BRCC.
CLEP Subject Examinations