Baton Rouge Community College (BRCC) proudly hosted a celebration event on Thursday, March 21, 2024, for the Pathways to Bright Futures (PBF) students from Glen Oaks Magnet High School. The celebration marked a significant moment as the pilot class prepares for their senior year, drawing them one step closer to achieving dual high school diplomas and college degrees through the program.

The Division of Liberal Arts sponsored the celebration, highlighting the success of the students and the comprehensive support provided by BRCC faculty and staff. Students graduating will earn the Associate of Arts/Louisiana Transfer degree in Humanities by the end of Spring 2025. Each of the participating students was offered a personalized academic advising session to review their progress and overall goals.

Started during Summer 2021, it was announced that Glen Oaks Magnet High School would have the honor of piloting the East Baton Rouge Parish School System’s new Pathways to Bright Futures program. That fall, interested 9th graders enrolled in both high school classes as well as college courses at BRCC.

“Seeing our pilot class prepare for their senior year was a wonderful experience. This event truly emphasized the strength of the partnership between BRCC and the East Baton Rouge Parish School System,” said BRCC Chancellor Dr. Willie E. Smith. “These students represent the future, and their success for the past three years is a reflection of their hard work and the strong support system we have put in place for them.”

The celebration was designed to motivate and inspire the students as they enter the crucial final phase of their high school education at Glen Oaks and college education at BRCC. It also served as an opportunity for students to receive guidance and encouragement from the same professors and staff members who have contributed to their journey.