Frequently Asked Questions

What must I bring to the Testing Center?
If you are taking an ACCUPLACER Placement Test, CLEP, DSST, HiSET, Work Keys, or any other Non-BRCC test:

What is not allowed in the Testing Center?
Items not allowed include the following:

Do I need an appointment to test?
All testers are required to make an appointment.  The link to the schedule is found on our Testing Center page.  If you walk in without an appointment, you will be instructed to schedule one at a computer station or through your mobile device.  We have limited availability so it is highly recommended that you schedule early.

What will the Testing Center provide for me?
We will provide:

What is the ACCUPLACER?
The ACCUPLACER test is an untimed, computerized test which provides you and the advisers relevant information that allows BRCC to place you on the most appropriate academic path. Here's an overview of what to expect on the Accuplacer. (BRCC uses the following sections for placement: Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics (QAS), Advanced Algebra and Functions (AAF), Reading (for LPN Students only), and Writing.  Welding certification should only require READING.

Is the ACCUPLACER mandatory?
If you have valid ACT/SAT Scores (within the last 5 years) ACCUPLACER Scores (within the last 3 years to the date), we can use them to determine your course placement.  For further information on placement, advising is provided in the Bienvenue Student Center on the Mid City Campus. You are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor before choosing your courses.

Is there a chart of the ACCUPLACER placement scores that indicate which classes I qualify for?
Yes, you can see the placement chart here.

How much does the ACCUPLACER cost?
Retest for BRCC Students - $30.00 for Full Test*, $10.00 per section.
Test for Non-BRCC Students - $30.00

*New BRCC students are allotted one free ACCUPLACER attempt. 

Are there any study resources available to help me prepare for the ACCUPLACER?
ABSOLUTELY! Students are strongly encouraged to review/practice before scheduling an appointment to test.  There are preparatory materials in Word documents located in the Accuplacer Study Resources Tab at the top-left of this page.  Please take time to review these materials prior to testing. Our research shows that students who take time to prepare are far more successful than those who do not. 

I just took the ACCUPLACER placement test and wish to retake it.  What should I do?
Each BRCC student is allowed to retest once. You will be charged a retest fee of $10 per section needed.

How do I obtain a copy of my scores?
A copy of your placement test scores is provided immediately upon completion.  If you lose your sheet, you can request another by clicking ACCUPLACER Student Portal.

Where on campus is the Testing Center located?
We are located in 160 Magnolia Building on the Mid City Campus. 

If I am an BRCC eLearning student, do I have to use the Testing Center for any test?
No, eLearning students have the option of using the Testing Center or ProctorU. There is a charge associated with ProctorU. You should create an account with ProctorU at the beginning of any semester that you are enrolled in an eLearning courses. You will not be charged if you do not use their services. The link to ProctorU is located on your BRCC Canvas page in the left column.

What do I do if there are no open slots for testing?
Contact the Testing Center. Please be aware, that spots are limited. You should make appointments as soon as you are aware of the need to use the Testing Center. Please remember to cancel any appointment you make that is not needed so that another student can use that slot.