Library Club

The Library Club is a student organization of bibliophiles whose aim is to support literacy and the library. The club meets once a week to work on their next activity. If you're curious about joining or just want to know about what the club is currently doing, please contact Peter Klubek. He will gladly give you whatever information you might need.

Library Blog

This is the blog of BRCC’s Magnolia Library. Here you will be able to find out about all the news, events, and activities happening in your library. It is a collaborative effort of all the librarians and is a great way to follow what is happening in the library. We invite you to get involved and participate in developing the collections, resources, and programming you require to succeed in your courses. Check out our blog here.

Magnolia Library Canvas Course 

The Magnolia Library is happy to announce the new Magnolia Library Canvas Course.  Look for the Magnolia Library Canvas Course in your Canvas account under “Courses.”  There you will find material designed to help you become information-literate and take full advantage of the library and its resources.