Library Instruction

Learning to Learn!

Whether your aim is to better use the library and the services we offer, or to get more intense instruction to help you work towards your degree, the Learning Resources Center offers instruction to meet your needs.

We present credit courses that can increase your knowledge of the College, its services, and how to use those services. You'll also increase your knowledge of library utilization, and improve your study skills - all while earning credit toward your degree! We provide tours that help introduce students and campus visitors to the library and to the services we offer. We deliver bibliographic instruction sessions that will assist students in using library resources for their specific classes. Your students can benefit tremendously from these sessions, especially when we are given the opportunity to tailor these sessions to your specific assignments. We can steer your students toward the services that will benefit them most!
Instructors may request instruction by submitting a request form to the library reference desk.

Library Instructional Videos

How To Use the BRCC Library Catalog

How to Use Electronic Books at BRCC

Using the BRCC Library's Online Databases

Other Instructional Resources

Look for the Magnolia Library Blackboard Community in your Canvas account under "My Courses."  There you will find material designed to help you become information-literate and take full advantage of the library and its resources