Certified Pharmacy Technician

Next Class: Friday 21st of January to Thursday 30th of June


Cost: 3000

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Claire Knight RN-BSN

(225) 421-3905

Class Decription

A Pharmacy Technician assists the pharmacist with mixing and packaging prescriptions, referring clients to the pharmacist for counseling, inventory control and purchasing, as well as collecting payment and coordinating billing. Pharmacy Technicians are in demand as one of the fastest growing occupations in healthcare. This program is designed to prepare graduates to sit for the the Certified Pharmacy Technician Exam offered by the National Healthcareer Association. Pharmacy Externship after successfully passing CPhT Exam: 200 hours guided. Students must complete an additional 400 hours of externship before meeting qualifications to be licensed by the Louisiana State Pharmacy Board Registry. The registration fee includes textbook, workbook, calculations workbook, PharmaSeer Exam Preperation course materials & exam fee.