Payment Plan

Please note that tuition and fees are divided equally to determine installment amounts. The first installment is due upon enrollment. All cancellations or modifications to plans must be performed by the student who is enrolled. An enrollment fee is required at sign-up; the amount is between $10 and $30, depending on your account balance..

Follow the steps below to access the payment screen for BRCC, where you can pay your account in full or establish a payment plan. 

  1. Login to your LoLA account here.
  2. Find the Self Service area and select your institution:  Baton Rouge Community College.
  3. On the next screen, select the Student tab.
  4. In the list of links provided, select Student Account.
  5. Select Account Summary by Term.
  6. You should see a summary listing of your charges and other information.  At the bottom of the page is another set of links; click on the link entitled Payment Options. This page will give you the option to either pay in full or set up a payment plan. If you choose to establish a payment plan, the following pages will give you information on your minimum required down payment, any processing fee that may be required, and what your payment schedule will be.

Before you begin, you must first ensure that the site (the website for BRCC’s third-party payment processor) is a trusted site in your browser list.  You must also disable any popup blockers that your browser may be using.  Failure to do either of these may result in you receiving a “page not found” or similar error.