SGA Funding Opportunities

The SGA is proud to provide funding for the following programs and supplies for the BRCC college community.

SGA Online Funding

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Leadership Academy
The Leadership Academy is based off of the five core leadership values of service, productivity, character, diversity, and justice. The Academy is a series of workshops that offers students leadership, growth, and development.

USA Today Collegiate Readership Program
The Student Government Association funds the opportunity for students to pick up a selection of newspapers each day. The program is designed to promote civic engagement, global awareness, and media literacy on campus by exposing students to the news and information shaping their lives.

Blue Books, Scantrons, and Bus Passes
The Student Government Association provides the opportunity for students to pick up a complimentary scantron and bluebook daily.  In addition, current students can request a FREE CATS bus pass.  To receive a bus pass students must provide a current BRCC ID, along with their current class schedule. To receive a bluebook and scantron students must present their current BRCC ID.

Student Organizations can apply for additional funding grants, if needed, each semester to help assist funding for educational conferences and conventions. Each active club may receive up to $1,250.00 each semester.

Departmental Grants
Academic and non-academic departments may apply for grants each academic year to assist with funding for educational projects, programs, or events that will enhance the image of the university. These grants must fund activities that primarily benefit the student body in either an academic or non-academic way.