The Student Government Association of Baton Rouge Community College is governed by students and takes part in the shared governance of the College. In addition, the SGA dedicates itself further to the activities of student life and to develop a greater spirit of progressive citizenship and community. The SGA commits:

  • To perform all functions of the SGA;
  • To serve as a channel of communication to the Faculty, Staff and Administration in expressing the opinions, wishes, and needs of the Student;
  • To work with the Administration, Faculty, and Staff in their efforts to establish policies affecting the College Community;
  • To establish and execute such programs and projects deemed beneficial to the SGA and BRCC;
  • To conduct and regulate all campus-wide student elections and referenda;
  • To promote and improve relations between the BRCC and the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Communities;
  • To conduct investigations and inquiries deemed necessary as brought to protect and promote the welfare of the BRCC Student Body; and
  • To, above all else, provide representation for the Student Body of BRCC and to deem all other concerns secondary;
  • All purposes will be conducted with the guidance and supervision of the Office of Student Life staff and advisors.