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The Write Path to Success

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The Write Path to Success Executive Summary
The Write Path to Success is the 2019 Quality Enhancement Plan for Baton Rouge Community College

How and Why Was the Topic Chosen?
Surveys of and discussions with Baton Rouge Community College’s stakeholders, including students, faculty, staff, and community partners revealed three main areas of concern: first-year student success, advising, and developmental education, with several key issues emerging from each area. Additionally, data provided by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Initiatives, in conjunction with the College’s Strategic Plan, revealed deficiencies in student progression through the first-year English composition sequence, particularly developmental coursework. The co-requisite English composition model seeks to address many of the concerns and issues that arose from the surveys, discussions, and data analysis.

What are the Desired Program Outcomes?
The QEP is designed to improve student performance in the English composition sequence, particularly developmental composition, and the following program outcomes were therefore selected:

1.    To increase the first-time pass rate in ENGL 1013, English Composition I, by 2% for students in the co-requisite model.

2.    To increase the fall-to-fall retention of students in the co-requisite by 2%.

What are the Desired Student Learning Outcomes?
Because the goal of the co-requisite model is successful student completion of ENGL 1013, the QEP Student Learning Outcomes mirror the ENGL 1013 course learning outcomes.

1.    Students will respond effectively to different rhetorical situations with a focus on purpose and needs of various audiences using appropriate genre conventions.

2.    Students will write essays through multiple drafts that consist of a logically-sequenced progression of focused and coherent paragraphs.

3.    Students will write essays demonstrating effective use of evidence in support of assertions.

4.    Students will integrate ideas with the ideas of others using effective quotation, paraphrase, and summary.

5.    Students will apply the appropriate conventions of citation and standard edited English.

What is the Basic Plan?
To achieve the program outcomes, The Write Path to Success is a co-requisite model in which students who test into the higher end of the scoring range for developmental English are concurrently enrolled in two English composition courses. These are the first college-level English composition course, ENGL 1013, and the higher level of developmental English composition, ENGL 0091 (called SPEN 0091, Special Topics in ENGL 0091 for purposes of the QEP).

What Impact Will the QEP Have?
Students enrolled in The Write Path to Success co-requisite model will be able to meet the QEP outcomes to improve successful college-level composition completion and college retention measures. Additionally, students will demonstrate proficiency in writing skills evidenced by attainment of the student learning outcomes. Students will be able to complete the gateway college-level English composition course in one semester, allowing them earlier access to other requirements in their programs of study.

Who are the Contact Persons for the BRCC QEP?
Vinetta Frie, Associate Professor of College Success Skills/QEP Co-Chair (friev@mybrcc.edu)

Gail Suberbielle, Dean of Liberal Arts/QEP Co-Chair (suberbielleg@mybrcc.edu)