Creative Services

Creative Services is available to help faculty and staff produce campus publications. We design, print, and order flyers, brochures, pamphlets, booklets. We can transform your text and visuals into professionally designed print and electronic publications as well as provide you with appropriate graphics for your communication needs. We also assist in the competitive bid print purchasing process and provide direction for presenting your message in print. Creative Services disseminates policies and guidelines for the institution's graphics standards and practices.

As part of a planned branding and marketing program, Creative Services integrates marketing and communications strategies for individual divisions, departments, and programs.  We can design your advertisement and marketing projects and provide guidance on placement. We will ensure that messages both reflect the College's overall marketing strategies and reach BRCC's various constituencies.

The official logotype is the only approved graphic representation for Baton Rouge Community College, which includes all locations, departments, sites, campuses, and divisions. Contact the Public Relations department for an approved version of the BRCC logo.