Bears Care drive for SOWELA hurricane relief a huge success

Director of Student Life, Tommy Morris and SGA Senator Jerrell Jingles, collected the last day of hurricane relief donations that will be given to faculty, staff, and students of SOWELA who were affected by Hurricane Laura.

Throughout the week of September 7, the BRCC Foundation and Student Government Association have collected disaster relief items to assist the faculty, staff, and students at SOWELA Technical Community College in Lake Charles, who were affected by Hurricane Laura. The drive has been a huge success and we are so grateful to all who donated. The idea to start the drive came from BRCC Controller, Paul Lawrence.

"After hearing of the devastation to our neighboring cities, and knowing the needs of those effected, I felt a tug in my heart towards those who have lost much, if not all," Lawrence said. "My family has not experienced the type of loss that many of our colleagues are experiencing right now and I am in a position to bless. We are all within the window of opportunity to bless. Having been a part of outreach programs and flood disaster recovery, I know first-hand how much a blessing it is when people give freely of their time and resources to those who are in such dire need. I have little ones at home so I cannot imagine the stress and pressure that parents are under to keep their little ones safe, fed and clean. Although the idea was mine, the execution is ours and I couldn't be happier to see such a great outcome! Call me Bear Proud!"

Each donor received a BRCC face mask courtesy of our Student Government Association.