ReCAST Baton Rouge to host resiliency summit featuring “Voices from the Bayou” stage play, July 30

ReCAST Baton Rouge will host a resiliency summit titled “Moving Past Trauma” on Tuesday, July 30 in BRCC’s Magnolia Theatre, Mid City Campus. The purpose of the event is to educate audiences on the “many faces of trauma” while promoting and showcasing local and national individuals, organizations and other communities that have experienced trauma, yet remained resilient; to discuss collective healing efforts and understandings around community change through healing, growth and anti-violence measures. The daylong program also seeks to demonstrate that joy can be experienced after pain. The event will feature a performance of the stage play, “Voices from the Bayou,” starring actor Lamman Rukcer (Greenleaf, OWN) and LSU MFA students, based on BRCC student narratives from the book of the same name.

The participant target audience includes mental health clinicians and practitioners, educators, law enforcement and first responders, middle to high school and college students and agencies addressing trauma and antiviolence work. There will be breakout sessions directed toward the aforementioned audiences.

The event is free, but registration is required at

Tentative Schedule

8 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. Registration
9 a.m. to 10:20 a.m Plenary Session/General Assembly  
10:30 a.m. to 11:20 a.m. Session 1 (four concurrent breakout sessions) 
11:20 a.m. to Noon Session 2 (four concurrent breakout sessions)  
Noon to 12:40 p.m. – Lunch 
12:45 p.m. to 1:50 p.m.  Session 3 (four concurrent breakout sessions)
2 p.m. to 3 p.m. Voices from the Bayou” Stage Play featuring actor Lamman Rucker (Greenleaf, OWN) 
3:30 p.m. to 4:15 p.m. Panel: The Many Faces of Trauma - featuring Mayor Sharon Weston Broome, Lamman Rucker, and other invited guests 
4:15 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Evaluations and Closing