BRCC to test security measures and alert system with Armed Intruder Drill, Friday, Nov. 1

Information for Individuals with Classes in Bonne Sante' on Nov. 1

Baton Rouge Community College is set to partner with BRPD for an armed intruder training drill on the Mid City campus, Friday, Nov. 1. The scenario-based training will begin around 8:45 a.m. in the parking garage and conclude around 10:30 a.m. in the Bonne Santé Health and Wellness Building. During the drill, a blank gun will be fired sporadically, and a heavy presence of first responders (Fire Department, EMS, local law enforcement, etc.) will be on campus, and some areas will be temporarily closed.

The BRCC community will participate in the drill and faculty, staff, and students are expected to follow procedures as if it were a real emergency. Individuals not directly affected by the drill will only be expected to test their emergency preparedness, however will be permitted to resume normal activities shortly thereafter. Participants and other individuals in the location where the scenario is set to take place will be a part of the drill for the entire duration. BRCC’s Crisis Management Team will use the training exercise to test the College’s Emergency Mass Notification System and will disseminate such alerts via text message and email, and other outlets as deemed necessary throughout the drill.

The safety of our students, faculty and staff is our utmost priority. National trends suggest that training should take place to ensure businesses, in particular educational facilities, are properly prepared to respond to emergencies of all kinds. The purpose of this drill is to ensure that we are prepared for an emergency of such magnitude.

Armed Intruder Scenario-Based Training

Friday, Nov. 1
8:45 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.                        

Baton Rouge Community College
Parking Garage and Bonne Santé Health and Wellness Building
201 Community College Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70816



What should students, faculty and staff expect during the drill?
The main part of the drill will take place in BONNE SANTE’, however as part of the drill, we will put the campus on lockdown, including ALL classes. During this time, we will run through campus-wide safety protocol and procedures so that students, faculty and staff are aware of what to do in an armed intruder situation or other emergency situations. Upon receipt of communications from BRCCCONNECT, remain calm and remember that this is a drill.

FACULTY DURING CLASS should then lock their classes and instruct students to silence all cell phones and other devices that emit sound.

STUDENTS if you’re walking through campus and close enough to a building, move inside and seek shelter in a classroom. If you’re unable to find appropriate interior shelter, move to a location that hides you from view.

STAFF/OTHER EMPLOYEES (including faculty that do not have students)- should lock their office doors and turn off their cell phones and other devices that emit sound.

Turn off all light sources.

If time permits practice your escape route.

After completion of your drill return to regular operations and monitor BRCCCONNECT for updated communications.

As part of the drill, students, faculty and staff may expect to hear loud noises, or see armed law enforcement on campus as we execute the drill scenario. A reminder, this is A DRILL.

Who will be conducting the drill on November 1?
Baton Rouge Community College Police Department and the Baton Rouge Community College Police Department will be conducting the drill.

When will the drill start, and how long will it last?
Law enforcement participants in the drill will begin arriving to campus as early as 6 am. The scenario-based training will begin around 8:45 a.m. in the parking garage and conclude around 10:30 a.m. in the Bonne Santé Health and Wellness Building.

Where will the drill take place?
The armed intruder drill will be a campus-wide event. The armed intruder portion of the drill will take place in the PARKING GARAGE & BONNE SANTE’, during the scenario a brief campus lockdown will be ordered as part of the drill. Only law enforcement and previously identified observers are allowed inside the identified locations during the drill.

What is the purpose of this drill?
o Assess College Plans to ensure effective coordination and interaction with first responders (Fire, EMS, Police) and BRCC’s Crisis Management Team Leaders;
o Ensure the College has practiced its existing plan in the event of an emergency;
o Provide scenario-based training to faculty, staff, and students through role reinforcement, planning, and training for armed intruder incidents;
o Prepare faculty, staff, and students for what to do in the event of an intruder or active shooter arriving on Campus;
o Test security measures and the College’s Emergency Mass Notification System.

How will the drill affect campus?
During the drill and scenario, certain streets and parts of campus will be closed and identified as closed. We advise students, faculty, staff and the community to avoid the areas if possible. Due to these closures, we advise all BRCC students, faculty and staff to plan accordingly when traveling to and from campus before, during and after the drill. We expect campus to resume normal operations by 11:30 a.m.

What if I feel anxious, nervous or uncomfortable before, during or after the drill?
We understand that the drill scenario may cause some to feel uncomfortable. BRCC has counselors already on campus and they will be available for students, faculty and staff who may feel like they need to speak to someone before or after the drill. Immediately following the drill (or later in the day), if a counselor is needed, the Counseling and Disability Services Office is located in the Magnolia Performing Arts Building Room 126.

If I am on campus, will I be able to participate or watch the active shooter drill?
To ensure the safety and integrity of the drill, this will be a CLOSED drill scenario. No additional participants or spectators will be allowed into the drill area during the event.

What if I am walking through campus?
This is a campus-wide exercise that is meant to simulate an actual event. Persons walking through campus should, if close enough to a building, move inside and seek shelter in a classroom. Note that classrooms that are already locked, per our procedure, will NOT respond to knocks or requests for entry. If personnel are unable to find appropriate interior shelter, they should move to a location that hides them from view. A suggested location is taking refuge in their vehicle until the exercise is complete at 10:30 a.m. (Note that in an actual armed intruder event, if you are in your vehicle, you should move away from the campus if you are able to safely do so).

What if I am late to class?
As part of the drill scenario, class doors will be locked as part of campus lockdown. We kindly asked students and faculty to plan accordingly when arriving to campus. If late to class, students will have to wait until the drill scenario ends to enter class. During the drill, we ask that students who are late to class, to follow the safety procedures outlined above.

Will real firearms be used?
During this exercise, the Baton Rouge City Police Department will be utilizing their firearms, using “blank” ammunition. This type of ammunition simulates the loud “bang” and muzzle flash of a gun being discharged; BRPD will be the only law enforcement agency utilizing firearms during this event.

How will you be communicating with campus before, during and after the drill?
Notifications will be sent via email and using BRCCCONNECT, the College’s Emergency Mass Notification System. The day of drill, we will send out a text message notifying the start and end of the drill. To sign up, visit the BRCC Connect portal and click on the "Sign Me Up!" link.

Do we have to participate?
To ensure that BRCC remains the safest possible environment, we ask that all students, faculty and staff take the armed intruder drill seriously, and participate accordingly. It is important that in the event of a live situation, our safety procedures can be executed correctly. To do this, we must practice and hone college procedures.

Where do I find information on Baton Rouge Community College’s procedures for handling emergency situations?
The current procedures are found in the BRCC All Hazards Emergency Response Plan (Updated May 2018). This plan is available to faculty, staff, and students in CANVAS, BRCC’s Learning Management System. In order to maintain operational security of our response procedures, this plan is not available to the general public. BRCC follows the most recent guidance from FEMA and the DHS, which is referred to as “Run, Hide, Fight”.

Should I let my parents and family know about the drill?
We advise all students to inform their parents and family about the drill. We ensure that all students, faculty and staff will be safe during the drill. We advise that parents and family stay off campus before and during the drill. In the event of a live situation, an area for parents, families and community members will be designated. 

If I have more questions who do I call?

General questions or concerns from students, faculty, and staff can be addressed to BRCC’S Public Safety Department at (225) 216-8001. Unfortunately, for security reasons, we are unable to answer questions related to our exact response procedures. 

All questions from media should be directed to Kizzy Payton, the Executive Director of Marketing and Public Relations Office at (225) 216-8100.