Attendance Requirements Grading Procedures

As previously mentioned, we want to ensure our students are Ready To Go! after the first day of their training ends.  This innovative practice will be achieved by utilizing the framework that was created through our CB&I partnership.  The Ready To Go! framework will monitor a student’s daily timeliness, safety practices, use of hand tools, use of PPE, housekeeping, and teamwork.  This framework is designed to be a fair and easy process for the instructors and most importantly to empower the students to be accountable for their own success in their skilled craft career.  

In order to receive certification in NCCER, trainees must pass a written examination and “hands-on” performance verification for each course subject/module.  The minimum passing score for each written exam is a score of 70 percent.  To pass all performance verifications, trainees must demonstrate mastery of each specific skill without any input from instructor or other trainees.  In order to receive a weld test lab credential, trainees must pass weld x-ray examination.