IT Help Desk FAQs


How do I find my LOLA username?
Click the "Change Your Password" button on the LOLA login page and enter your SSN and your DOB to find your username. 

How do I create or change my LOLA password?
Click the “Don’t know Password" or “Forgot password” button on the LOLA login page, choose the option to verify personal information, enter your SSN and DOB, confirm your username, and enter your new password twice. Please be certain to read the password requirements carefully.  


Why am I not receiving email notifications from my instructors?
In Canvas, go to "Settings", then "Notifications", then set the frequency options for notification for each item. We recommend "ASAP."

Make sure that you have added a valid email address to your Profile in Canvas. A valid email address is normally your BRCC Student Email address; however, you are allowed to add your personal email. 


What is my email username?
Your username should be;

What is my email password?
If you need assistance with your BRCC student email password please contact the IT Help Desk at 225-216-8448 or email at

Open Computer Labs

Louisiana Building 128B
Magnolia Library
Governors 129
Frazier Campus 124
Automotive Training Center

BRCC Connect 

How do I register for BRCC Connect (RAVE), the text and email alert system for the campus?
Go to BRCC's homepage at and click on the Login box at the top right. Select "BRCC Connect."  Your username is your BRCC student email address. Click forgot password to reset your password to your LOLA password. If this is your first time logging in to BRCC Connect, you will need to update your profile. 

BRCC Mobile App

How do I sign in to the BRCC Mobile App?
The Baton Rouge Community College App brings campus to your fingertips and enables you to connect with the BRCC community. In order to sign in to the BRCC Mobile App, you must be a registered student.  Your LOLA username and password credentials will allow you to communicate socially with other students and keep up with current events.  Visit the Google Play Store  ( Android Users), or Apple Store ( Iphone users) to download our app.