Louisiana is in the midst of a major economic boom easily the biggest in a generation. As existing businesses expand operations and new businesses locate in Louisiana, our community and technical colleges are committed to providing the technically trained and certified workforce that companies need to succeed. The success of our colleges is largely dependent upon the strength of our industry relationships so we are doubling our efforts by reaching more businesses in Louisiana than ever before. 

“By 2020, our colleges will quadruple the number of *formal partnerships with the businesses.” To reach our 2020 Goal of 1,152 partnerships we will need 216 partnership annually over the next four years.

BRCC already has partnerships currently in place and we are positioned to expand our integration into industries that support our college and students.  We look forward to featuring new partners engaged students, faculty and staff in our marketing and development materials

To document our progress please enter formal partnerships that are secured via the following simple form.

If you are fortunate enough to have multiple new or existing partnerships please use the 20/20 Partnership Excel Form and email to hobdyg@mybrcc.edu. 

For more information contact:
Gerri Hobdy
Director of Community Relations

*** Broken a:84337 www: Partnerships ***