Grant Services

The Grant Resource Center (GRC) directs all grant proposals and pre/post award activities for the College. The Director of the GRC implements the College's procedures for faculty and staff as they research and apply for external funds in the form of grants or gifts. We assist faculty and staff with research and development necessary to secure grant funding; and with grant management in accordance with the mission of the College. The Director of GRC in alignment with the Vice Chancellor of Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Initiatives (VCIESI), oversees, writes, and develops all submitted grant proposals from BRCC upon final approval from Departments. The Director (GRC) also researches grant opportunities and advertises them to the college community via a quarterly newsletter and during faculty presentations. The Director (GRC is available to provide oversight for the budgets of active projects and interpret complex award information, including financial, legal, and regulatory terms and conditions, and communicate requirements to faculty and staff at the time of account establishment and throughout the project lifecycle.

The GRC will provide current information, advice, and assistance to BRCC employees in support of grant related activities and projects. The GRC staff will work in collaboration with other administrative offices to satisfactorily support the BRCC community in meeting the mission of the College.



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