Default Prevention

Paying Your Loans Back

Default Prevention

If you fail to make the required payments on your federal student loan and the account becomes 270 days (approximately nine months) delinquent, it is in default, and the guaranty agency will purchase the loan from your holder. Once the loan is placed in a default status, the entire balance (principal, interest, and collection fees) is immediately due and payable to the guaranty agency.

Student loans, including PLUS (parent) loans, need to be taken out with an ocean of fear, a sea of trepidation and a mountain of understanding.  Only then will one borrow responsibly.  Contrast this approach to the borrowers who make uninformed and hasty decisions.  They are the ones who over borrow and borrow unwisely.  The borrowing is easy.  The repayment is not.

Consequences of Default

The consequences of default are serious:

Prevent Default

Default can be avoided! Remember the following:

Default Prevention Tools

Project Your Salary
Debt and Salary Wizard
Mapping Your Future
You Can Deal with It
Practical Money Skills Games

Information for Defaulted Borrowers

Handling Credit Cards

Financial Fitness Tools
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Repaying Your Loans

 Forms of Repayment

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