Book Advance Periods 

Instructions for Using A Book Advance in Person and Online

Fall 2022 Book Advance Period

Classes beginning:

August 22nd August 15th - September 2nd
September 19th September 19th - September 23rd
October 17th October 17th - October 21st


Where is the bookstore located?
The bookstore is located:

  Store Location  Hours of Operation
Bienvenue Student Center
201 Community College Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.
*Open to the public. Online ordering available. Check our BRCC Bookstore's Facebook page for holiday hours.* 



3250 N. Acadian Thruway E
Baton Rouge, LA 70805

*Closed until further notice. Online ordering available. Textbooks for all campuses available for in-store purchase at Mid-City location.*

 Using A Book Advance in Person.

  • When you arrive at the store, you will need a photo ID, your course schedule, and your student ID number. *Bookstore staff are not able to pull this information for you. You are responsible for having it on-hand. Failure to supply a photo ID/student ID number to staff will prohibit you from charging with a Book Advance. 
  • Once we confirm that you have a Book Advance, our clerks will help you find your textbooks. 
  •  Book Advances can be used on anything in our store. That includes textbooks, clothing, electronics, laptops, snacks, and more! 
  • If your textbooks cost more than your available Book Advance funds, you will have the option of paying the difference with card, cash, or check. 

 Using A Book Advance Online. 

1) Go to 

2) Click “My Account” at the top of the page 

3) Log-in to your account or make a new one by clicking “Register Here” *You cannot place a Book Advance order without making an account. 

4) Hover over “Textbooks” and choose “Order Textbooks” 

5) Under “Search by Course” choose the term you are purchasing materials for 

6) Enter your course’s “Department” and “Course-Section-Instructor” 

7) If you are taking multiple courses, click “Add Another Course” until you have added all of your classes 

8) Once you’ve added your courses, click “View Course Materials” to add your textbooks to your cart 

9) Now that your textbooks are secured in your cart, you can continue to shop for any electronics or merchandise you would like under the “Merchandise” tab. Your Book Advance can be used to purchase anything on our website or in our brick-and-mortar store. 

10) Make sure you choose “Book Advance” as your payment method during checkout. You will still need to input your credit card information if you are renting any of your textbooks. 

11) Please allow 24-48 hours for processing after submitting an order for in-store pickup. 

      •  If you do not have enough Book Advance funds to cover your online order, we will contact you via e-mail and/or phone call. Please ensure that your contact information is correct. Failure to respond before the Book Advance Period ends will result in your order being cancelled. 

How do I qualify for a Book Advance?
Students with remaining funds after tuition and fees are deducted will be allowed to participate in the book advance process.

How do I apply for a Book Advance?
No need to apply. If you meet the qualifications to obtain a Book Advance, your name will be added to the file that is sent to the bookstore. The file is sent daily.

How much can I receive?
The amount depends on the expected amount of financial aid funding remaining after your charges are paid. This includes tuition and fees.

If you qualify to participate in the book advance program, you will receive an eligibility amount once the financial aid office has authorized the financial aid to your account.  The minimum amount is $100.00. The maximum amount of a book voucher is $1000.

Do I have to spend it all at once?
No. You can make several purchases at the bookstore up until the last day of the book advance period for the semester or until you have spent the full amount of your advance, whichever comes first.

What if I don’t spend the full amount of my advance?
You will only be charged for the amount that you spend at the BRCC Bookstore. If you do not use the full amount of the advance, your account will be adjusted to reflect your actual purchases.

If you do not owe a student account balance, you will be issued a financial aid refund for the remaining amount. Refund processing can take up to two weeks after the last day of the book advance period.

What happens if my book advance expires?
Book advances are offered each semester to students who meet the eligibility criteria for that semester. Each advance is specific to the semester it was offered. For example, you cannot use a book advance from the fall semester in the spring semester.

If you decide not the use the advance, you will receive the funds in the form of a financial aid refund, which you may use to purchase your books/supplies. Refund processing can take up to two weeks after the last day of the book advance period.

Can I rent textbooks from the bookstore with my book advance?
Yes. You can pay textbook rental fees with your bookstore advance. A credit card (some debit cards with a Visa/MasterCard logo will work) must be presented to guarantee the return of the book by the last day of finals.

What can I purchase with my book advance?
Required and recommended textbooks, digital textbooks (eTextbook), required supplies such as calculators and lab coats as well as course supplies like pens, pencils, and paper. You can purchase technology items like tablets, laptops, and other devices. Additionally, reference books are eligible to be purchased, such as language translation dictionaries, text exam books, and study aids for courses.

What if I am not on the list?
It will depend on if you have available funds to use in the bookstore, when the Financial Aid Office has authorized your funds to your account and when the Title IV authorization form was completed. The file is sent to the bookstore daily. If the Title IV authorization form is completed late in the afternoon, you will not be on the list until the next day.

Why was my book advance amount reduced or canceled?
If you’ve made any changes to your registration charges and your student account balance exceeds the amount of financial aid you are scheduled to receive, you will no longer qualify for the initial amount you were offered.

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