The Dual Enrollment Program


Baton Rouge Community College currently partners with neighboring secondary school districts and programs to offer high school students the opportunity to simultaneously earn college credit while taking a high school course, known as a dual credit.

Options for receiving dual credit:

During the student’s regularly scheduled high school class period, college course content is taught using the BRCC course master syllabus, as is the secondary course content. The course can be taught either by the existing secondary teacher or an employee of BRCC. Example: The student is scheduled in 3rd period English III, as well as ENGL 101. Throughout the week, college content is taught for ENGL 101 and English III content is taught for the remainder of the week. The student receives Carnegie credit for both English III while also receiving 3 college credits for ENGL 101.

Schools can work with BRCC to provide an instructor--pending instructor availability--or the school can have the high school instructor complete the credentialing process through the Office of Dual Enrollment. Schools unable to successfully credential an instructor or be provided an instructor by BRCC may be able to utilize the online course opportunity at the school’s site. Please contact the Office of Dual Enrollment to discuss this option.

Note: Schools must complete a dual enrollment course request if pursuing option 1. Textbook costs are not covered by BRCC. Most courses have minimum prerequisites (ACT or College Placement scores) to determine entry into course. Please browse the master syllabus for course prerequisites.

Payment of Dual Enrollment Courses

Students participating in dual enrollment may be eligible for tuition reimbursement through TOPS Tech Early Start. To qualify for this tuition reimbursement, students must:

The Supplemental Course Academy (SCA) gives school districts and other public schools an MFP allocation related to the cost of high school credit courses.  It is individualized to the needs of secondary students and is provided outside the traditional secondary school.  For more information, click here..

Note: To utilize funds through option 1 or 2, students must submit the TTES/SCA application to the Office of Dual Enrollment prior to the start of the course.  To access the application, click here.