Message for Faculty and Staff 

Start of classes delayed until Jan. 18

Dear BRCC Faculty and Staff, 

Baton Rouge Community College is delaying the beginning of classes by one week.  Classes will now begin on Tuesday, January 18, 2022 (January 17th is the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday).  Delaying the start date of classes by one week also shifts the end date of classes by one week and results in subsequent shifts in parts-of-term classes. An updated academic calendar is attached to this communication, and is available on the BRCC website. 

By necessity, the dates that full-time 9-month faculty are expected to work for the spring 2022 semester will also change.  9-month faculty will now report to campus on Monday, January 10th (instead of January 3rd) and work through commencement on Friday, May 20th (instead of May 13th).  It is important to note that the number of work weeks in the semester is not changing.  9-month faculty are still working the same number of weeks in the semester; the faculty paid holiday leave, however, is now four weeks instead of three weeks.  Revised contracts will not be issued, because the total amount of pay is not changing; however, we will require all affected faculty to sign an acknowledgement of the changes in semester dates as an addendum to the current contract.  The acknowledgement form will be sent out electronically.  10-month faculty, 12-month faculty, and all full-time staff are still expected to report on Monday, January 3rd (unless on approved leave). 

Additionally, for 9-month/20-pay faculty, the pay schedule for spring 2022 will remain from BW01 – BW10 (first pay date 1/14/22; last pay date 05/20/22) even though faculty will be working part of BW11.  Given that the total pay is not changing, if we redistribute semester pay over 11 checks instead of 10 checks, faculty will have lower biweekly checks.  The total pay is not changing because 9-month faculty are receiving an additional week of paid holiday leave in exchange for the extra week worked at the end of the semester. 

I hope that you had a wonderful holiday break, and I look forward to seeing you back on campus again in 2022!  

Willie E. Smith, Sr., Ed.D.