Methods and Impact


CUSA’s methodology focuses on human development and is built upon the pillars of continuous improvement, collective impact, and an ecological press. This process takes a holistic approach to the transformation of the student by identifying, triaging, and addressing unmet needs or deficiencies in regard to academics, as well as life challenges, such as but not limited to housing, transportation, childcare, mental and physical health issues, and social, emotional, and professional development. As an open enrollment, commuter institution, we must first understand that academic development and social, emotional, professional, and personal development do not simply relate or connect—they are one.

We must identify where our students are and meet them there. Our mission and vision requires fostering a culture of belonging, which is achieved through an emphasis on both customer service and hospitality, as well as the professional development of students, faculty,  and staff, particularly in terms of cultural competency and professionalism.

Our goal is to develop our students into autonomous learners who operate with self-agency, self-efficacy and apply knowledge and skills gained to graduate from BRCC, transfer to a four-year college and become the best citizens possible in their words, actions and deeds using their natural gifts, talents and job readiness skills.


79 percent retention rate