Jaime Little

littleBaton Rouge Community College, Associate of Science, Business
MESH, Team Principal, Senior Brand Manager & Digital Strategist

Jaime Little is a graduate of Baton Rouge Community College Business program and is a marketing professional with an extensive background in digital marketing including website, social media, online reputation, search engine marketing, email and mail marketing. She also has experience in special events and event planning and brings a unique perspective to MESH.

What made you decide to attend a community college?
When I was a senior in High School, our digital media class went on a tour of the BRCC campus. At the time, I was unsure of my career path, I just knew that I wanted to go to college. When we arrived on campus, the campus size felt big enough to be a natural step for me but not so big that I was overwhelmed. The commute was great as well since I wanted to keep living with my parents.

What are some challenges you experienced?
Like most, I was hit with lots of challenges along the way. One of which was that I was not really good at school nor did I really enjoy it (if we’re being totally honest). However, I did want to finish school, and I enjoyed the routine. I met with my history professor one-on-one because I was struggling in his class. His advice was simple and pointed (mostly because of the class size he was able to help me directly), he discovered that repetition was how I was able to learn. This is something that I continue to use in my career today; practice of writing notes and then going back, organizing my notes in an electronic document so I can memorize the information.

What are some things you learned and advice for other students?
As I started to approach graduation, I was at a crossroad of which path I should take next after graduation. Should I continue my education at a university or should I get to work? I met with a career advisor at BRCC who guided me through this decision and ultimately helped launch my career by linking me with a company who was searching for someone with my skill set! I really encourage students to engage with and use the resources at the college. Also, I learned that it’s ok to recognize where you need extra work and ask for help as this will help you, not only in your career, but in your life. I still use the note taking skills I learned at BRCC, and I understand the value of using any and all available resources. Students should look for ways to apply what they learn in class. I actually worked full time throughout college, and that taught me a lot of lessons about balancing the challenges that life brings.