The Writing Center offers all student writers support in their coursework.  Writers from all backgrounds and disciplines, including international students and non-native English speakers, are welcome to work in the center with writing tutors and to take advantage of the many resources on hand. Students are also welcome to use the center for studying and take advantage of the open computer lab. 

How Can Writing Tutors Assist Writers?
Writing tutors are prepared to assist writers at every stage of the writing process. The most common ways that writing tutors provide assistance to writers is through the following:  

Understanding Assignments
Thesis Statements
Essay Organization
Polishing the Draft
Revision Strategies

What Can Writers Expect from a Writing Tutoring Session?
Writing tutoring sessions are essentially a conversation between peers that allows writers to gain a better understanding and perspective on their own writing as well as find their own answers to their writing questions. No two writing sessions are exactly alike, and the amount of time allotted for a session varies based on the writer's individual needs. During a writing session, the writing tutor serves as a facilitator, a collaborator, and a guide; however, writing tutors are never simply proof-readers. Because it is important that writers understand what they can expect from working with a tutor, the list below outlines the kinds of activities that they might expect from tutors during a writing session.

Writing Tutors will...
Have a conversation with you about your writing.
Provide feedback about your work at any stage of the writing process.
Give constructive feedback on your writing.
Discuss ways to make your writing clearer and more effective.
Provide you with strategies for effective writing.
Offer guidance with organization.
Help you identify your error patterns in your writing.
Direct you to appropriate resources within the center.
Offer encouragement and support.
Help you better understand your assignments.

Writing Tutors won't...
Take responsibility for your writing.
Tell you what to write in your essay.
Proofread, correct, or edit your work.
Write on your essay.
Type a paper for you.
Offer a grade or do written evaluations for your paper.

How Should Writers Prepare for a Writing Tutoring Session?
Plan Ahead--Writers should be aware of assignment deadlines and should give themselves plenty of time not only to write their assignment but also to revise multiple times. The most successful writers are those who "work" their drafts; they write, receive feedback, and then revise the draft. In order to have time to revise effectively, writers must plan to meet with a tutor at least one full day before the assignment is due. Writers are encouraged to come to the center for feedback as many times as needed.

Come Prepared--Writers are encouraged to bring their assignment sheet along with whatever notes or drafts they have for their writing assignment. Please have a printed copy of the draft available for the session. The more prepared the writer is for the session, the more beneficial the session will be.

Create an Agenda--It is the writer's responsibility to establish the direction of each session and to be an active participant. Writers should come prepared with a list of questions or concerns that they would like addressed during that session and share that information with their writing tutor.  

Prepare to Revise--Because writing is never "finished," the "real" work for the writer is done after the writing session is over. Revision takes a great deal of time and consideration. If time allows, writers should consider returning with a revised draft for additional feedback or polishing.