Tutor Development Program

ct sealKnowledgeable and well-trained tutors are integral to the academic and the personal success of those who come to the Center for academic support. Since all training occurring in the Tutor Development Program is basic to and intertwined with other services provided in the Center, tutors are at the heart of the ALC’s successful existence and contribution to the academic community at BRCC.

The Tutor Development Program is one academic service component in the Academic Learning Center.  Tutors began training on August 14, 1998.

The program met the requirements for initial institutional certification through the College Reading and Learning Association's (CRLA) International Tutor Certification Program on July 1, 2000.  CRLA is a group of student-oriented professionals active in the fields of reading, learning assistance, developmental education, and tutoring services at the college/adult level.  The ALC program has been recertified several times and is currently certified at the Regular, Advanced, and Master levels.

Tutors in the ALC’s program meet weekly with professional staff for training on Fridays and for subject-specific training as scheduled by the content specialists.  The content of the training program reflects the topics required for certification as well as the perceived and surveyed needs of the student population at BRCC.