Tips for an Effective Tutoring Session

Check the Schedule
Not all subjects are covered during center hours.  Schedules are posted outside the ALC, at the front desk, and on the ALC webpage at

Sign in with your BRCC ID card.  An efficicient, new self-service system was recently created so your sign-in is personalized to reflect only your current courses.  

Come Prepared
Attend class. Take notes. Read the textbook.  Try the assignments.  Come with questions.  Be prepared to work with the tutor.

Appreciate Peer Tutoring
Tutors are students like you.  They are trained and knowledgeable, but they don’t know everything. They do not evaluate your work or guarantee grades. They provide appropriate academic assistance and perspective.

Understand Drop-in Tutoring/Tutoting by Appointment
Drop-in tutoring (a 45-minute session) is offered in several subject areas. Writing assistance is by appointment; however, drop-in may be available if a tutor is not occupied, and during scheduled hours. 

Guide your Learning
Tutors will work with you, not for you.  They help you think through concepts, suggest ways to approach your work, and share study strategies.  They do not do problems for you, provide answers, write your essays, or edit writing.

Improve Your Learning
Tutors will encourage you to work on your own after some assistance, so you can improve your learning and give others a chance to receive help.

Re-Think Computer Use
The center is not an open computer lab.  We promote collaborative learning. Ten computers are located in ALC 105 for academic work only. 

Reduce Noise
Please be respectful of all in the center.  Silence your cell phone, take calls outside the center, and keep your voice down so as not to disturb others.

Complete a Tutoring Session Evaluation
Your feedback is important to us.  Every tutoring session is different, and we want to know about your experience, so please take the time to complete a tutoring session evaluation.