Forms for Contract Processing

Here you will find all forms and documents relevant to processing a contract at Baton Rouge Community College. You should begin with the Contract Transmittal Form. The Contract Transmittal Form is a contract packet checklist which will guide you through the entire process. This transmittal form is required in every contract packet. Also required are any additional letters and forms that may be necessary to complete your particular Professional, Consulting, Personal, and/or Social Services contracts.


Name Title Telephone Email
Hilary Stephenson Director of Purchasing 225-216-8439

Please remember that the contract below for Consulting, Professional, Personal, or Social Services is used for all four (4) types of contracts.

Step 1

Contract Transmittal Form – Checklist
Contract Transmittal Form – Checklist (Revenue Contracts-BRCC is the Contractor)
IRS form W-9
Contract Retirement Plan Membership Disclosure
Contract Signature Authority Template
ACH Direct Deposit Enrollment Form
Contractor’s Disclosure of Ownership & Certificate of Authority Exemption Letter Template

Step 2

Contract Template (Consulting, Professional, Personal, or Social Services)
Contract Template (BRCC is the Contractor-Revenue Contract)
Contract Multi-year Letter
MOU (In-Kind Services)
Interagency Agreement Template

Step 3

Contract Requisition Form
Contract Certification Letter
Contract cost benefit analysis

Other Contract Documents

Interoffice Memorandum to Bill Company (services provided by BRCC)
Contract Performance Evaluation
Contract Amendment