Sexual Assault Policies and Resources

Public Safety

Here you will find policies and resources related to the sexual assault policies and resources of BRCC. Please check back often for updates.

Sexual Assault Prevention Program

Baton Rouge Community College is deeply committed to provide a safe environment by preventing and responding to incidents of rape and sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking. Sexual violence in any form, including but not limited to rape, relationship violence, and stalking is prohibited by College policy.  The College will take appropriate action to prevent, deter, and discipline behavior that violates campus policy and other regulations forbidding any form of sexual harassment or sexual assault.

Sexual violence includes a range of behaviors in which an act of a sexual nature is taken against another person without her / his consent or when he or she is unable to consent.  In March of 2013 The Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act (or SaVE act) was passed as part of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA).  As a result, colleges and universities that participate in financial aid programs under Title IV of the Higher Education ACT of 1965 are   required to expand their crime reporting obligations, and implement specific policies, procedures, and training related to sexual violence and intimate partner violence.  Additionally, the Campus SaVE Act requires institutions to adopt primary prevention and awareness programs for all incoming students to promote the awareness of rape, acquaintance rape, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

BRCC seeks to reaffirm its commitment to eliminate sexual violence and provide guidelines to support students in understanding the Sexual Violence Policy for all members of the community. Please read the BRCC Rape, Sexual Violence, Relationship Violence, and Stalking Policy to familiarize yourself with the definitions of sexual violence and the steps BRCC is actively taking to prevent and respond to incidents of sexual violence.