How to Obtain Parking Permits and IDs

Parking permits and BRCC Identification (ID) Cards are processed on-line through a secure portal and issued by the BRCC Campus Police Department.  All Parking Permits and College IDs will be mailed to the address provided on the form. Special provisions may be provided to Student Groups/Employees as necessary to support the mission of the College (i.e. High School, Nursing Students).  BRCC’s Campus Police Department will communicate with students and college employees by using their preferred email address submitted to the College.  Parking Permit and College ID fees must be paid to the Bursar’s Office before applying.  Parking Permits and IDs are processed as early as two (2) weeks prior to the beginning of each semester.  

Parking Permits 

All students, employees, and visitors operating motor vehicles on campus must register with the BRCC Police Department to obtain a parking permit and obey the Traffic & Parking Regulations. A valid BRCC-issued parking permit must be displayed at all BRCC Locations when conducting business, working, or visiting the College.

To register for a parking permit, all documents below must be submitted for review. Your BRCC Identification Number will be required (ex: N0001234) and issued during your enrollment or hiring process.  The following documents below must be submitted through the on-line portal to obtain a Parking Permit.

College IDs

All BRCC employees and students will be required to submit a valid ID (driver’s license/state ID) and enter the required information through the on-line portal to obtain a BRCC ID. Special provisions may apply to High School Students.  All IDs will be created from photo uploaded through the on-line link located on the BRCC website.  

  • Complete required information and upload a picture of valid identification (driver’s license/state identification).  
  • Submit the form to Public Safety. 
  • When developed, Public Safety will mail your College ID to the address 

indicated on the form or provide special accommodations in delivering to various Student Groups as necessary. Click here to access our on-line portal and obtain your BRCC ID

Replacements/Fees/Returning Students

A.  Replacements:  If replacements are needed (expired ID -beyond 2 yrs. from date issued/worn) Public Safety will reprint current photo in the system. In the event an ID is lost or stolen, a $5.00 replacement fee is assessed and must be paid to the Bursars office prior to issuing a replacement ID. 

B.  Returning Students/Fees:  ALL Returning Students will be issued a new hang tag.  In the event a Parking Permit is lost or stolen, a $25.00 replacement fee (fee for summer semester) or a $50.00 replacement fee (fee for fall or spring semester) is assessed and must be paid to the Bursars office prior to issuing the replacement. If a returning student does not have an ID on file, it will be created from the photo uploaded through the on-line link. 

C.  Employees:  Faculty/staff permits remain valid during employees' tenure with BRCC and do not require renewal, unless the permit is worn or illegible. Employees are not charged for parking permits but their vehicles must be registered with BRCC Police to receive and maintain a parking permit.

For additional questions or concerns, please contact the BRCC Police Dept. at (225) 216-8001 or