Safety Bulletins

It is the policy of BRCC and its Police Department to keep the campus community informed of serious incidents. Working in conjunction with other college departments, the Police Department will issue Safety Bulletins in a timely manner to the campus community about crimes in and around the campus. When the department receives information that a violent crime against a person or a serious threat to property has occurred or is imminent, a Safety Bulletin will be sent out via Email and the campus’s BRCC Connect Emergency Notification System. A Crime Alert will also be posted to the BRCC Department of Public Safety Website. The Safety Bulletin and Crime Alert will contain the following information:

  • Type of incident
  • Time of the incident 
  • Location of the incident
  • Description of the suspect(s)
  • Summary of the incident
  • If possible, information that could help avoid a similar incident

If a crime or serious incident is reported to a non-police campus administrator, that administrator
should notify the BRCC Police Department of the incident. Working with the reporting administrator and other campus officials, the Police Department will decide whether or not to
issue a Safety Bulletin and/or Crime Alert.

Crime Alerts

Campus Crime Alert July 8, 2014
Campus Crime Alert June 6, 2014
Campus Crime Alert May 9, 2014