Airfare, hotel, car rentals, and registrations can be paid for the employee with the CBA travel card. Cash advances are only given to employees traveling with students. Persons traveling on official business will provide themselves with sufficient funds for all travel expenses that could not be covered by the CBA travel card.


Complete an Authorization to Travel form. The total advance amount of the airfare, hotel, car rental, and registration should be entered in the designated area on the form.

  1.  Employees traveling with students must complete the Authorization to Travel-Student form listing each student’s name separately on the form with the estimated travel expenses for each student. The completed and approved Authorization to Travel-Student form must be received in Accounts Payable at least seven to ten business days prior to travel to allow ample time for all advances to be paid by the CBA travel card and a check to be written to the employee for the cash advance. An email will be sent to the employee when the check is ready to be picked up at the Bursar’s window.
  2. Upon completion of travel, forward the approved Travel Expense Account form along with all receipts to Accounts Payable no later than 14 days after travel is completed.

For cash advances, if funds are due back to Baton Rouge Community College, please submit the amount overpaid by cash or check made payable to BRCC with the approved Travel Expense Account form and all receipts.